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THE AVENGERS: The Murder Market (Peter Graham Scott: December 1964)
John Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Lovejoy (Patrick Cargill) and his staff attend the 'funeral' of Mrs. Peel. Robert Stone (John Woodvine) is seen watching the events from a distance.


THE SAINT: Legacy for the Saint (Roy Ward Baker: Spring 1968)
Hampstead Cemetery, Fortune Green Road, NW6 -

THE ADVENTURER: Skeleton in the Cupboard (Cyril Frankel)
Hampstead Cemetery, Fortune Green Road, NW6: Stock footage of cemetery.
(Idenified by Michael Richardson, November 2023)


Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium, Holders Hill Rd, London NW7: The funeral of Professor John Ballard. Karen Ballard (Sylvia Simms) is supported by Sir Richard McKenzie (Richard Vernon), Master of the College, and Gene Bradley (Gene Barry) who was to investigate Ballardís misappropriation of funds.
Identified by Andrew Chilcott, July 2016


DEPARTMENT S: The Ghost of Mary Burnham (Cyril Frankel: ??)
Hampstead Cemetery, Fortune Green Road, NW6 - Mary Burnham is buried here.
(Idenified by Michael Richardson, November 2023)

THE SAINT: The Paper Chase (Leslie Norman: November 1966)
Eric Redman and Hanya Lintz visit the grave of Professor Rodman.

GIDEONíS WAY: The Firebug (Roy Baker: September 1964)
The funeral of Constable Jarvis, Bishop () and Gideon () are both present.

THE ADVENTURER: Mr Calloway is a Very Cautious Man


THE ADVENTURER: The Case of the Poisoned Pawn


GIDEONíS WAY: Big Fish, Little Fish (Cyril Frankel: October 1964)
Itís Sunday and after church Commander Gideon relaxes with his family.

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