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THE SAINT: The Crooked Ring (Leslie Norman: February: 1965)
Unknown 1
- Dave Sniders goes to see ‘Doc’ Spangler to extorrt 500 pounds. After finding Saunders dead templar drives his Volvo around to question Spangler.


THE SAINT: The Fellow Traveller (Peter Yates: January 1963)
Unknown 1 – Simon drives his Volvo to the Matsons’ house to talk to Mrs Maston about her husband’s death.

N61: Hollywood Court, Deacons Hill Road, Elstree – Simon drives Magda Vamoff home after their evening together at the Blue Goose

THE SAINT: The Latin Touch (John Gilling: June 1962)
Unknown 1 – Simon Templar accompanies Hudson Inverest to his meeting with the kidnappers of Inverest’s daughter Sue. They leave the main road and follow a dirt road to the appointed meeting place.

Unknown 2 - Simon Templar watches from the car as Hudson Inverest (Alexander Knox) confronts Tony Unciello (Bill Nagy), the kidnapper of Inverest’s daughter. As they leave the meeting the taxi driver, Marco, follows Unciello.



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