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DANGER MAN: The Key (Seth Hold: 1959)
Unknown 1

Unknown 2

DANGER MAN: The Battle of The Cameras (Don Chaffey: 1964)
Unknown 1 – Drake is currently working under cover in the South of France - Shot of coast from Drake’s hotel

Unknown 2 - Drake’s Hotel, South of France

Hollywood Court, Deacons Hill Road, Elstree - One of Kent’s men takes photographs of Drake from a building overlooking his hotel.

Unknown 4 - Cliffs below Martine’s apartment.

DANGER MAN: A Room in the Basement (Don Chaffey: 1964)
Unknown 1 - Keith Turbull is kidnapped and driven away in a van by Rumanian agents. His wife Susan (Jane Merrow) steals a car and attempts to follow.

Probably MGM’s car park, but prove it!

Unknown 3 - Swiss mountains – establishing shot Switzerland.

Unknown 4 - Establishing shot of Susan Turbull’s hotel?

Unknown 5 – Bernhard’s Swiss farmstead in the Mountains

Unknown6 – Drake goes to Luke’s flat to make his plans to rescue Keith Turnbull.

Unknown 8 - Bridge on river - - establishing shot Switzerland.

DANGER MAN: Fair Exchange (Charles Crichton: 1964)
Justizpalast, Munich - Drake arrives in East Berlin.
(Identified by Paul Stroud, January 2014)

Unknown 2 - Site where car is parked and road on way to Pohlman’s country residence. Later Drake goes to the border to fake an attempted crossing.




Unknown 3 - Farmhouse across the border in West Germany where Pieter is waiting for Drake’s instructions.

DANGER MAN: Fish on a Hook (Robert Day: March 1964)

Unknown 1 – Drake Flies into Egypt.

Unknown 2Gerdie drives Drake through the town to his flat.



Unknown 4Gerdie takes Drake to a local restaurant for dinner.

Unknown 5 – Drake and Nadia make their escape to a waiting British cruiser.

DANGERMAN: No Marks For Servility (Don Chaffey: 1964)
Unknown 1Barnares is having a meeting with Mr. Avvram in Athens.

Probably Omonia Square

Unknown 3 – The Barnareses rented villa.

Unknown 4Barnares signals to the house where Armstrong’s daughter is being held.

DANGERMAN: Yesterdays Enemies (Charles Crichton: 1964)
Unknown 1 – Brett’s Beirut office.

Unknown 2 – The BEA Comet with Drake and Archer aboard taxis to the runaway.

DANGER MAN: A Date with Doris (Quentin Lawrence: 1964)
Unknown 1 – Home of Actress Conchita.
also in THE SENTIMENTAL AGENT: The Scrolls of Alah

Unknown 2 – John Drake flies into Cuba posing as journalist John White.

Unknown 3 – Pan across bay to the hotel where Drake is staying.

Unknown 4 – Drake arranges to meet Eduardo at The Bamboo Club.

Bussaco Palace Hotel, Estrada Florestal, Mealhada, Portugal – John Drake is taken to Joaquin Paratore’s castle.
(Idenitfied by Paul Stroud, May 2014)

Unknown 6 – Drake drives Peter Miller to Miraflores.

Unknown 7Miraflores bay.

DANGER MAN: Colony Three (Don Chaffey: July 1964)
Unknown 4 – Drake (Patrick McGoohan) manages to find James Randall (Glyn Owen) and spoil his escape attempt.

Unknown 5 – The train carrying Drake and Richardson speeds away from Colony Three.

DANGER MAN: It's up to the Lady (Peter Maxwell: May 1964)
Unknown 1 - John Drake arrives in Athens on the trail of Paula Glover.

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