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THE BARON: Diplomatic Immunity (Leslie Norman: August 1965)
Unknown 1 - Marlowe is driving John Mannering from the airport in the Jensen. They discuss the stolen Faberge item and discover it has not been insured.


Unknown 2 Marlowe is driving John Mannering back to London and notices that they are being followed by another car.


Craven Road W2 at the junction with Westbourne Terrace, looking towards Praed Street After taking a sharp corner in his Jensen, Mannering decides that his car is being followed by a Jaguar.
Identified by Geoff Dodd, 2nd April 2013



Unknown 4 John Mannering and Cordelia Winfield are taken by their official driver to a lumber yard where he attempts to gas them in his limousine. Mannering has the presence of mind to engineer a cunning escape.

THE BARON: And Suddenly You're Dead (Cyril Frankel: January 1966)
Unknown 1 John Mannering and Cordelia Winfield are in Switzerland on business.

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THE BARON: The Long, Long Day (Roy Baker: April 1966)
Unknown 1 The Baron's Jensen drives along Italian motorway followed by a Red Citroen.

Unknown 2 - The Santa Moneta where Maria Pullerno is hiding.

Probably a Tuscan mountain village

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