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THE PROTECTORS: Blockbuster (Jeremy Summers: 1973)
York Road, Wandsworth, SW18 - A call goes out to the Police reporting the robbery at Saunders Chemical Works and a patrol car responds.


Other scenes already identified in Wandsworth near Fairfield Street.

Unknown 2: The stolen Security Van drives into a yard where it is re-sprayed white while the police continue to search the area in their patrol car.


Wandsworth High Street, SW18 - Police cars continue to search nearby roads.


The police cars are driving past Wandsworth Technical College (now called South Thames College) in Wandsworth High Street, London sw18 - Mike Saunders, October 2004

Fairfield Street, SW18 - Villains wait at a roadblock for their consignment of car parts to be checked. The constable recognises the crushed van and signals to his partner before letting the truck through.


Unknown 7: Glen Bailey’s wrecking yard.


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