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THE NEW AVENGERS: Angles of Death
Unknown 1 Briantern Health Farm


Kim Hawkins  - looks very much like the Officer's Mess complex and car park in Longmoor Army Camp.

Unknown 3 Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Gambit (Gareth Hunt) go to talk to Manderson at home, but his wife, Sally (Melissa Stribling) says he is away on business.

THE NEW AVENGERS: To Catch A Rat (James Hill: Summer 1976)
Unknown 1 Gunner (Ian Hendry) is discovered sleeping in a barn. Later Cledge (Barry Jackson) arrives at the farm to talk the farmer (Dallas Cavell).

Unknown 2 Steed (Patrick Macnee) watches from the college as Gilpin is attacked by Gunner. Quaintance (Robert Fleming) and Steed rush out to help.


THE NEW AVENGERS: Obsession (Ernest Day: Spring 1977)
Unknown 1 Purdey races off looking for Larry and his big missile.

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