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GIDEON’S WAY: The Great Plane Robbery (Leslie Norman: March-April 1965)
Unknown 1 – A Russian plane loaded with gold is about to arrive at BamfordAirport, but a group of crooks are there to intercept it.



Pembroke, 48 Kilburn Park Rd NW6 – The real van of Gold passes a pub (Pembroke, 48 Kilburn Park Road, demolished 1975) on the way to the garage.
(Identified by Dean Wheeler, November 2014)

Sevington Street, W9 – The police are watching Kautsky’s house so he sends his son, Sid to collect the pay-off money.
(Identified by Alan Field, March 2010)


Connaught Street, W2 – Bailey is watched as he makes a call from a phone box.
(Identified by Alan Field, March 2010)

Unknown 6 – Dr. S.G. Hill – The injured Frank is taken by his friends to the trustworthy Dr. S.G. Hill. Hill calls in the police as soon as he realises the connection of his patient to the gold robbery.


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