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THE SAINT: The Sporting Chance (Jeremy Summers: 1963)
Unknown 1 - The Saint is enjoying a peaceful fishing holiday at Manitou Lake, Ontario.
After leaving Torono, Professor Otto Mueller (Gerald Heinz) redezvous with Cleaver (Brandon Brady).


Unknown 2 - Saint is enjoying a drink in the bar of the hotel on Manitou Lake, Ontario.

Unknown 3 - Dr. Beamish goes to see Professor Otto Mueller and wish him a good holiday, at his home in Toronto.,  

Unknown 4 - Simon Templer tracks Julius Pavan and Professor Otto Mueller to a remote Canadian lake.

Unknown 5 - The cabin belonging to Otto Mueller, located on a remote Canadian lake.

Unknown 6 - A Russian inteligence officer, Netchideff, arrives by sea plane to collect Otto Mueller from a remote Canadian lake.


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