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THE PROTECTORS: Ceremony for the Dead (Jeremy Summers: Summer 1971)
Unknown 2: The fake kidnapping gang, including Carollinedi Contini (Nyree Dawn Porter) and Paul Buchet (Tony Anholt) dump the Police Land Rover they stole over a cliff into the sea.

Junction near the blue wall and grotto viewpoint, Triq Wied iz-Zurried: With the real kidnappers aboard the ambulance races down the hill to the harbour.
Identified by Pierre Alfonsi, April 2017

Unknown 4: With Harry and Caroline in the beach buggy and Paul in the car behind, The Protectors race to the harbour to intercept the kidnappers.

THE PROTECTORS: A Matter of Life and Death (Don Chaffey: Summer 1971)
Unknown 2: Harry takes The Contessa (Nyree Dawn Porter) by beach buggy to her meeting with James Leroy Mallory.

Unknown 3: James Leroy Mallory (Patrick Allen together with his heavy, Baruna (Maxwell Shaw) and his girlfriend (Julie Crossthwait), are renting a villa in the town. The Contessa (Nyree Dawn Porter) pays them a visit pretending to be a buyer for their merchandise.


THE PROTECTORS: It was all Over in Leipzig (Don Chaffey: Summer 1971)
Kalkara and Bighi Hospital as seen from the Grand Harbour, Valetta, Malta -  Jim Palmer (Ron Randall) arrives in the harbour and makes his way towards The Dolphin, The Contessa’s yacht
Identified by
Pierre Alfonsi, April 2017


Kalkara and Bighi Hospital as seen from the Grand Harbour, Valetta, Malta -  Also seen at the end of A Matter of Life and Death.
Identified by Pierre Alfonsi, April 2017

Unknown 2: Paul flies over some impressive cliffs as he searches for the red pick-up truck.

Unknown 4: Jim Palmer (Ron Randall) and Caroline (Nyree Dawn Porter) watch as the police swoop on one of Marko’s clubs.


Unknown 5: Paul Buchet (Tony Anholt), armed with a pair of binoculars and a rifle acts as backup as we watches Harry Rule confront Jim Palmer.

THE SAINT: Vendetta for the Saint (Jim O’Connolly: 1967)
The Sheraton, Saint Julians - Malta (now The Westin Dragonara Resort, Malta): The Saint arrives back at his Naples hotel.


Naxxar Church
(Jean Pierre Borg, August 2007)


Unknown 1: Lilly and The Saint arrive at Allessadro Destamio’s mansion in Capri

Unknown 2: The Saint (Roger Moore) arrives at The Continental Bank Palermo but is watched by some of Destamio’s men. When he leaves the bank these men attack him.

Unknown 3: The gang race out of Don Pasquali’s villa after The Saint’s escape.


Unknown 4: The Saint (Roger Moore) escapes from the area on the back of a truck.

Unknown 5: The Saint (Roger Moore) escapes capture and makes his way to a nearby fishing village.

Unknown 6: The saint makes his way out of the fishing village on the Palermo bus.

JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: One On A Desert Island (Noel Howard: 1968)
Unknown 1 – Alec Worthing (Brandon de Wilde) inherits his mother’s fortune and decides to sail around the world. He sets off from this port but his inexperience immediately gets him into trouble.


Jean Pierre Borg – “I am told this was shot in Malta”

Unknown 2 – The shipwrecked Alec Worthing at last sees an island.

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