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THE PROTECTORS: Ceremony for the Dead (Jeremy Summers: Summer 1971)
Gzira yacht marina: The ambulance delivers the kidnapped president to a boat in the harbour and drives away. Harry (Robert Vaughn), Carolline (Nyree Dawn Porter) and Paul (Tony Anholt) arrive too late to do anything.
(Jean Pierre Borg, August 2007)

THE PROTECTORS: A Matter of Life and Death  (Don Chaffey: Summer 1971)

The Malta Railway Museum Station: Harry (Robert Vaughn) waits by the roadside in a beach buggy. When Baruna passes in his car Harry follows.
(Jean Pierre Borg, August 2007)

Jean Pierre Borg – “This view shows the impressive and wonderfully preserved front of The Malta Railway Museum Station which is now The Stazzjon Restaurant.”

THE SAINT: Vendetta for the Saint (Jim O’Connolly: 1967)
The Grand Harbour: The Saint (Roger Moore) walks along the harbour front at Naples to the Ristorante Lionardo where he met the murdered James Euston the previous night.
(Jean Pierre Borg, August 2007)

Naxxar Church
(Jean Pierre Borg, August 2007)


Wignacourt Tower (St. Paul’s Bay): Ths Saint (Roger Moore) goes to see Gina Destamio’s at her home.
(Jean Pierre Borg, August 2007)


Road/bridge leading to Madliena Village (over Wied id-Dis): The Saint (Roger Moore) scrambles down the cliffs, but his escape is cut off by various gang members at the bridge.
(Jean Pierre Borg, August 2007)


Mizieb: The gang members slowly catch up with the Saint (Roger Moore) who is hiding in the back of a truck.
(Jean Pierre Borg, August 2007)

Ghadira Bay: The Saint tells the bus driver to ignore the passengers waiting at the bus stop
(Jean Pierre Borg, August 2007)

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