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DANGER MAN: Are You Going to be More Permanent? (Don Chaffey: 1964)
Unknown 1 - Jordan drives to the ruined house arranged by one of the Geneva agents. Later Drake makes the same journey.


Unknown 3 - Drake arranges to meet with Josef Laclos at the Geneva’s Natural History Museum.

World Backgrounds footage includes a day for night shot of the same scene and the same Opel Reckford is seen leaving the building below. This building is also used as a Bank in Geneva in THE PROTECTORS, LS82

Unknown 4 - Wolf Kronenberger arranges to meet Drake at an empty villa to hand over the confidential material he has, he goes inside. The villa is for sale and is soon entered by a potential buyer and an agent.

Also seen as Zwinger Palace, Dresdenin MAN IN A SUITCASE LS21

DANGER MAN: The Mercenaries (Don Chaffey: 1964)

Unknowns 1 to 8 – Various stock shots to represent the African ‘Confederation’ and its neighbour.



Unknown 9 – Drake meets with ‘The General’ at a cross country race meeting to arrange a cover.


Unknown 10– Drake follows Doctor Winter after he leaves his home.


Could be M.G.M.’sbacklot.

DANGER MAN: Parallel Lines Sometimes Meet (Don Chaffey: February 1965)
Unknown 1
– Westport Harbour

Unknown 2 – Vernon Brooks and Eirlys Brooks picnic in a deserted spot on the South coast of England.

Unknown 3 – Drake flies in to Port-au-Prince.

Unknown 4 – Drake reports to the World Travel offices in Port-au-Prince.

Frederick Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad – Drake reports to the World Travel offices in Port-au-Prince.
(Identified by Paul Stroud, June 2014)


Unknown 5 – Drake reports to the World Travel offices in Port-au-Prince.

DANGER MAN: A Very Dangerous Game (Don Chaffey: 1964)

Unknowns 1 to 9 – The story is set in Singapore, but is all this stock footage actually Singapore?




DANGER MAN: Sting in the Tail (Peter Yartes: 1964)
Unknown 1 – Drake flies into Beirut to catch up with the assassin Noureddine.

Bussaco Palace Hotel, Estrada Florestal, Mealhada, Portugal – Two of Noureddine’s thugs arrive at assassin’s home to him know that Marie Valedon has driven off with Drake.
(Idenitfied by Paul Stroud, May 2014)

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