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THE SAINT: The Man Who Could not Die (Roger Moore, May 1965)
Unknown 2: Simon Templar is at a polo match where he is to meet Nigel Perry. They watch as Miles Hallin scores a point.

Stock footage of a polo match in England Ė there canít be that many well-known venues!

Unknown 3: Miles Hallin challenges Simon to a race back to London. In the process, he nearly collides with an oncoming vehicle.



Unknown 5: Miles Hallin arrives at the spot where he is to leave payment for his blackmailer. Simon Templar and Nigel Perry have followed, and when Hallin leaves, they watch the blackmailer arrive. Simon enters the building, but after a brief fight the blackmailer escapes on his motorcycle. Nigel gives chase in Simonís Volvo.

Unknown 7: Nigel Perry has to give up the chasing the blackmailer (Richard Wyler) on his bike driving Simonís Volvo, when the blackmailer drives through some bollards in Chelsea.

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