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GIDEON’S WAY: The 'V' Men (Cyril Frankel: ???)
Unknown 1:


Jas Wiseman, February 2006 - “I'm sure they were filmed in Camden somewhere (picture 5 has a shop called 'Camden Office Equipment' in the background).”

From 1965 Phone book - Camden Office Equipment Store, 12a Greenland Road, NW1.

Ellenby and Co., 3 Ridley Road, E8.

Wyn Roberts, October 2006 -I strongly suspect that uk1 was filmed at the Camden end of Kentish Town Rd. The buildings in the background would be on your right if you were facing north from the tube. Unfortunately this section of the road was completely redeveloped in the late 1980's mainly with a huge Sainsbury's store so, if I'm right, all the buildings in the scene will be gone. I don't remember the area from those days but the architecture certainly fits that part of town and I do know there was a huge bakery on that site called ABC. That may be their sign in the first shot.

Unknown 2:

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