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THE SAINT: The Russian Prisoner (Peter Moxey: February 1966)
Unknown 1: Simon Templar and Irma Jorovitch travel to Switzerland and fly across Alpine pastures into Geneva Airport.

Also in:

THE SAINT: The Death Game (Leslie Norman: November 1966)
Simon flies into Zurich airport posing as Bill Bast.

Piz Buin, Gasthof, Bielerhöhe am Silvrettasee, Austria -
Confirmed by Erwin Janka, April 2018: "I grew up there. The man in the front of the picture is Raimund, the caretaker of Hotel Silvrettasee"
(Identified by Daniel Bauer, March 6th, 2013)



Unknown 1: Simon Templar and Irma Jorovitch watch the house where Karel Jorvitch is being held from across the lake.


THE SAINT: Island of Chance (Leslie Norman: January 1967)
Unknown 1: Simon catches the plane to Charles Krayford’s Caribbean island and finds photojournalist Marla Clayton is a fellow passenger.

This Antilles Air Boats seaplane flew regular services between St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John, Tortola and Fajardo in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Unknown 2: Simon and Marla pass through a local town in Jeep.

Unknown 3: Simon and Marla travel to the site of the Martello tower.

One of the many ruined sugar mills in the Caribbean.

Unknown 4: Simon suggests they search the Martello tower.

Not a Martello tower, but the base of a windmill used in the sugar industry. 

THE SAINT: Little Girl Lost (Roy Baker: Aug/Sep 1966)
Holywell, County Fermanagh, Ireland: The Saint is on holiday in Ireland.
(Identified by Donna Caines Doyle from the Unidentified photos of the British Isles Facebook Group, March 2021)

THE SAINT: To Kill a Saint (Robert Asher: November 1966)
Avenue Marceau/Rue Quentin Bauchart, Paris: A car chase is in progress as Simon and Sergeant Luduc race through Paris after the car driven by Simon’s failed assassin.

Unknown 1: ….and along this side road.

THE SAINT: The Death Game (Leslie Norman: November 1966)
Unknown 1: The collection of huts where the Death Game decathletes gather in Switzerland.


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