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THE SAINT: The Russian Prisoner (Peter Moxey: February 1966)
Unknown 1: Simon Templar and Irma Jorovitch travel to Switzerland and fly across Alpine pastures into Geneva Airport.

Also in:

THE SAINT: The Death Game (Leslie Norman: November 1966)
Simon flies into Zurich airport posing as Bill Bast.

Unknown 2: Simon Templar and Irma Jorovitch drive from Geneva through the alps to Lucerne to a hotel near the Villa Bauregarde. where Karel Jorvitch is being held.



This is a long sequence of stock footage featuring the same car. The hotel is right by the lake and the mountain in the distance looks like the top of the Matterhorn. The winding road also features in THE PRISONER.

Unknown 3: Simon Templar and Irma Jorovitch watch the house where Karel Jorvitch is being held from across the lake.


THE SAINT: Island of Chance (Leslie Norman: January 1967)
Unknown 1: Simon catches the plane to Charles Krayford’s Caribbean island and finds photojournalist Marla Clayton is a fellow passenger.

This Antilles Air Boats seaplane flew regular services between St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John, Tortola and Fajardo in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Unknown 5: Simon and Marla pass through a local town in Jeep.

Unknown 6: Simon and Marla travel to the site of the Martello tower.

One of the many ruined sugar mills in the Caribbean.

Unknown 7: Simon suggests they search the Martello tower.

Not a Martello tower, but the base of a windmill used in the sugar industry.

THE SAINT: The Gadget Lovers (Jim O’Connelly: February 1967)
Avenue George V/Rue Vernet looking towards Avenue de Champs Elysees: Posing as Colonel Smolenko, Simon checks into a Paris hotel with the real Colonel posing as his assistant.

Unknown 3: After searching the town and the surrounding area for the gadget factory, Simon suggests to Colonel Smolenko that they try the local monastery.


THE SAINT: Little Girl Lost (Roy Baker: Aug/Sep 1966)
Unknown 1: The Saint is on holiday in Ireland.

THE SAINT: To Kill a Saint (Robert Asher: November 1966)
Avenue Marceau/Rue Quentin Bauchart, Paris: A car chase is in progress as Simon and Sergeant Luduc race through Paris after the car driven by Simon’s failed assassin.

Unknown 3: ….and along this side road.

THE SAINT: The Death Game (Leslie Norman: November 1966)
Unknown 1: The collection of huts where the Death Game decathletes gather in Switzerland.


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