Season One
The Avengers (Film & TV) Enterprises Ltd., Pinewood Studios


The Eagle's Nest

F46, H14, H17, H32, H73 see Camustiel, EileanDonan Castle, Kyleakin and Milton 


Last of the Cybernauts... ??

C3, H59
St. Peter's Square, W6
Blythe Road, W14


House of Cards

E2, E6, E9, E10, F35 see Binfield Manor and RAF Northolt


The Midas Touch

H4, H54, H55 see Aldershot, Heathrow Airport, Knowl Hill, Oakley Court and Southall
Beckton Gas Works, E6
Freston Road, W10
Mortimer Square, W11
Olaf Street, W11


To Catch a Rat

E2, F4, H7, H11 see Newark Priory
Bank Lane, SW15
Priory Hospital, SW15


Cat Amongst the Pigeons

E8, H3, H32, H33 , H56 see Binfield Manor, Knowl Hill, and Southall



H3, H15, H49 see Binfield Manor, Pinewood Sanatorium


The Tale of the Big Why

E6, E12, E14, F41, H6, H35, H64, see Aylesbury, Binfield Manor and Warfield


Three Handed Game

see Cantley Manor Hotel and Silverstone Circuit
Russell Road, SW19
Peek Crescent, SW19
Marryat Road, SW19

United States of America


Dirtier by the Dozen

see Longmoor Camp



H41 see Brunel University and Southall
Camden Market, NW1
Bigland Street, E1
Wapping High Street, E1
Beckton Gas Works, E6
Throgmorton Street, EC2
Cannon Street, EC4
Carlton House Terrace, SW1
Parliament Square, SW1
Horse Guards Parade, SW1
Bagley's Lane, SW6
Aldensley Road, W6
St. Peter's Square, W6
Townmead Road, SW6
Ennismore Gardens, SW7
Ennismore Mews, SW7
Montpellier Place, SW7
Roland Gardens, SW7
Rutland Mews South, SW7
Rutland Mews East, SW7
Rutland Street, SW7
Westland Heliport, Lombard Road, SW11
Trafalgar Square, WC2
Piccadilly Circus, W1
Cleveland Mews, W1
Black Lion Gate, W6
Kensington (Olympia) Station, W14



H49,H59, N29 see Binfield Manor, PinewoodSanatorium

Covent Garden, WC2
Prince Consort Road, SW7





Season Two
The Avengers (Film & TV) Enterprises Ltd., Pinewood Studios


Dead Men Are Dangerous

F55, H7, H9, see Farington Folly Tower


Angels of Death

H7H74, H75, H78, H79 see Longmoor Camp, Pinewood Sanatorium, Southall
Paris, France


Medium Rare

H9, H11, H48



F42, H9, H26, H33, H57, H58 and Glencoe, RAF Lossiemouth, RAF Northolt



H3, H21



F2, H9, H11, H65


The Lion and the Unicorn

H4, see Crackington Haven, Delabole Quarry, Harpur's Downs Ford, Lower Upton, Millook Haven, Trebarwith Strand, Voter Run and Widemouth Bay
Paris, France


K Is For Kill (Parts One and Two)

E6, F6, F7
Paris, France
Moscow, Russia



Toronto, Canada


The Gladiators

Toronto, Canada


Forward Base

Toronto, Canada
The Czech Republic



Toronto, Canada




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