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THE BARON: There's Someone Close Behind You (Roy Baker: December 1965)
Unknown 4 - Mannering arrives at The Worker’s Hall and finds a concert taking place. Thankfully the police are not too far behind.

Unknown 5 - All three cars approach the site of the ambush.

Camley Street looking towards the Goodsway junction but needs confirmation.

THE BARON: The Edge of Fear
Unknown 5 - Mannering thinks he is being followed.

Camley Street looking towards the Goodsway junction?

Unknown 6 - Mannering knows he is being followed.

Unknown 7 - Mannering lures his tail into a dead end street.

THE BARON: Red Horse, Red Rider (John Moxey: July/August 1965)
Unknown 2 - The Baron arrives at the home of Olmira. They have been followed by Salar and Shamir who wait outside in a Jeep. After a while they drive a little further down the road.



Unknown 3 - The Baron drives away from the home of Olmira with the four horsemen in his possession.

Unknown 4 - Using the tracking device Salar and Shamir drive their Jeepout of its hiding place to follow The Baron and Savannah.


Unknown 6 -Miros knows the area and finds a place for Mannering and Savannah to wait until nightfall to cross the border into Greece.

Unknown 7 - Miros, Mannering and Savannah find themselves somewhere near the border of Khakaniaand Greece.

Unknown 8 -Miros, Mannering and Savannahcatch a ride in a train to Alriba and the border.



Unknown 9 - Miros, Mannering and Savannahwatch as a truck unloads soldiers near to where they intend to cross the border into Greece.

Neither the soldiers nor the truck are seen at any other time in the episode.

Unknown 10 -Miros, Mannering and Savannahfind themselves somewhere near the border of Khakania and Greece.

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