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DEPARTMENT S: The Trojan Tanker (Ray Austin: June1968)
Unknown 1: Another tanker is hijacked in France (stock footage S of France) on highway 79 between Aux and Frejus.


Unknown 2: Jason and Stewart watch he girl from their hotel room in nice.

Unknown 3: Stewart goes down to the beach to introduce himself to Veronica Bray.

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Stewart waits by the beach for the girl, but she is found dead.
(Idenified by Pierre Alfonsi, July 2012)

Unknown 6: Stewart Annabelle and Jason go to the Alps to and discuss the new Mark Caine novel.


DEPARTMENT S: A Cellar Full of Silence (John Gilling: June 1968)
Unknown 4: Stewart Sullivan goes to meet Sir Curtis at a holiday resort where he is attending a conference and discuss the case.

Unknown 6: A car dragged from a lake the body of Justin Thurston is found inside.

Unknown 7: The home in Avenue Road, St John’s wood where Libby Spear is being held a virtual prisoner. Tronson’s house. Annabelle goes to the house looking for information about Justin Thursto.


Unknown 8: Jason King goes in search of Walter Pally in his Bentley.

 Marishka von Saatz - " I think the sign reads - London Borough of Ca[mden??] Netherwood Street. Today Netherwood street is fenced back foliage down one side and nasty modern (1980s/90s) housing on the other so no way to tell at the moment A large bomb took out the middle of the street at the junction with Linseed Street in 1940 so it's possible that the yard shown is the resultant cleared area."

Unknown 11: After detonating an explosive device Kent  goes to see the result. Jason King at a phone box by an old mill.


O6: Rowley Lane, Well End - After losing contact with Jason Stewart races in the Bentley to the telephone box.
(Idenified by Vice Cox, April 2014)

Unknown 12: After losing contact with Jason Stewart races in the Bentley to the telephone box.

Acacia Road NW8 (looking at the junction with Woronzow Road): Sullivan and King race to Tronson’s house in St Johns Wood in Jason’s Bentley.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, August 2012)

DEPARTMENT S: The Pied Piper Of Hambledown (Roy Ward Baker: May 1968)
Tilbury Docks: Stewart goes on board the ship which Sir Curtis is taking to a diplomatic mission. He has time to brief Stewart before the ship sails.

Identified by Phil Brown, February 2016


Well End Road, nr junction with Potter's Lane: Aboard Jason’s Bentley, Annabelle takes Jason and Stewart to see where the missing can of white paint was used.
Identified by Geoff Dodd, March 2018.

DEPARTMENT S: Soup of the Day (Leslie Norman: Spring 1969)
Crawford Street, W1: Villers and Greene drive to Rupert’s boutique. (no longer a through road)
Identified by Geoff Dodd, March 2018.

DEPARTMENT S: Spencer Bodily is Sixty Years Old (Leslie Norman: 1969)
Unknown 1: Jason looks out from Ingrid Von Epsdorf’s house to admire the grounds.

L3: British Rail Centre, The Grove, The Grove Park, Grove Mill Lane, Watford: Jason manages to steal a box of BHT from Ingrid Von Epsdorf’s house.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, May 2018)

Unknown 3: Jason King is travelling across the desert in a Land Rover with a companion when his adventure is rudely interrupted by a group of nomads.


Unknown 4: Stewart Sullivan meets Sir Curtis at the opera do discuss the Spencer Bodily case.

12 Winnington Road London, N2: The house where Doctor George Kendall is keeping his Guinea Pigs, Ralph and Albert. All are expecting Spencer Bodily to return soon.
(Identified by Wyn Roberts, August 2004)

DEPARTMENT S: The Duplicated Man (Paul Dickson: Spring 1969)
Unknown 2: Russian agents in a “Joe’s Television Service” van watch as Stewart Sullivan drives past on his way to find Jason King who has just jumped with a parachute.

Unknown 3: Troops are sent to search the woods for Anthony James Harvey’s parachute.


Most probably O21: Bakers Hill/Hadley Wood Road, Hadley Wood.

Unknown 4: Annabelle drives her Lotus Elan into a side street and hides her car in a garage in order to loose the perusing Russian agents.


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