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STRANGE REPORT: Report 3424 Epidemic: 'A most curious crime' (Daniel Petrie: October/November 1968)
Unknown 6 – Captain Tork (Graham Haberfield) searches the docks for Hamlyn Gynt.

The next scene is filmed in Bankside, SE1.

Report 2493-KIDNAP: 'Whose pretty little girl are you?'

Unknown 1 – At the start of "Kidnap" we see a theatre audience.

STRANGE REPORT: 7931 Sniper: 'When is your cousin not?' (Daniel Petrie: September/October 1968)

Brankov Most, Belgrade – Establishing shot of the city of Lublin
Identified by Paul Stroud, February 2017.

Western end of Ulica Terazije, Belgrade – A Lublin street.
Identified by Paul Stroud, February 2017.

Ulica Terazije at the junction with Trg Nikole Pasica, Belgrade – More shots of delightful Lublin.
Identified by Paul Stroud, February 2017.


Metropol Palace Hotel, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra, Belgrade
– Marisha drops Strange and Hamlyn Gynt off at their hotel.
Identified by Paul Stroud, February 2017.


Offices of Buckinghamshire County Council, Walton Street, Aylesbury – Marisha (Lelia Goldoni) drops Strange (Anthony Quayle) and Hamlyn Gynt (Kaz Garas) at the morgue to see the body of Pavel Gordy. Later Hamlyn is taken by Marisha to visit The University of Lublin. Here he talks to the students including Savi (Martin Shaw) and Olenka (Kika Markham). Later still Marisha pays a visit to the apartment of Kulik and discovers that the investigation is not going the way it was intended. She flees in an attempt to warn Strange.
Identified by Alan Field, April, 2015



STRANGE REPORT: Report 2641-Hostage: 'If You Won’t learn Die!' (Charles Crichton, February 1969)

Unknown 1– Wildfields Farm where Sung Lee (Eric Young) is held by Roger Deeds (Peter Craze) and William Blake (Kenneth Haigh). Later Adam Strange (Anthony Quayle) arrives in his taxi posing as a farmer intent on buying the property.


Unknown 3– The police line the route from Wildfields Farm to the exchange point with hidden officers.


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