19th November - Dave Bell has spotted this overlooked location from THE SAINT: The Crooked Ring.

THE SAINT: The Crooked Ring (Leslie Norman: February: 1965)
Old Compton Street, W1/Dean Street, NW1 - Establishing shot of the location of Grady's Gym.

30th October - John Stewart has sent in this image of 'St. Damiens Hospital' from THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Race With The Devil. This is the hospital where Corder works when he's not in Harley Street. There are odd shots of the same complex in later episodes but all of them so far are from the same shoot/set up. It's a very sizeable building so someone might know it.

Geoff Dodd has identified this as E15: High Wycombe College of Art and Technology,Queen Alexandra Rd and Abbey Way in High Wycombe (redeveloped as Buckinghamshire New University)

30th October - Two appearances of Beaconsfield Town Hall have been spotted by John Stewart as well as a old favourite.

THE HUMAN JUNGLE - Fine Feathers (Vernon Sewell, 1963)
F28: Beaconsfield,  Beaconsfield Town Hall - The exterior of the magistrates’ court
(Spotted by John Stewart, October 2017)

THE HUMAN JUNGLE - Time-Check (Alan Cooke, 1963)
F28: Beaconsfield,  Beaconsfield Town Hall - Magistrates’ court (re-use of footage from Fine Feathers)
(Spotted by John Stewart, October 2017)


THE HUMAN JUNGLE - Fine Feathers (Vernon Sewell, 1963)
F5: Hall Barn, Beaconsfield - The country house where Penny's parents live.

25th October – Another great piece of observation from Geoff Dodd whilst watching RETURN OF THE SAINT: One Black September. "Templar is looking in his mirror to see if they’re being followed, just before he accelerates through the lights at Hamilton Terrace, NW8. These shots were taken on Elgin Avenue, W9 near the junction with Lauderdale Road and judging by the pictures, they went in both directions. The second one is where he’s following the school bus and is on Harmood Street, NW1, passing the Camden Centre for Learning. You can see the distinctive ‘Girls’ gate which still survives."

RETURN OF THE SAINT: One Black September
Elgin Avenue, W9 - Templar is looking in his mirror to see if they’re being followed, just before he accelerates through the lights at Hamilton Terrace, NW8.



RETURN OF THE SAINT: One Black September
Harmood Street, NW1 - Following the school bus (near the junction with Lauderdale Road)


th August - Jonathan Gibbs -


Gwandhaus/Schlosshotel St. Rupert,Gössl , Austria - Harry and Caroline go here for lunch - when Paul realizes he has been spotted, he calls them.


th August - Geoff Dodd

DEPARTMENT S: The Perfect Operation - after Annabel leaves the hospital and is followed we get this view before she loses them on Allitsen Road

 Avenue Road NW8


5th August - Geoff Dodd

Northwood Squash Club, 22 Chestnut Avenue, Northwood
- Stewart Sullivan (Joel Fabiani) goes to se general Crawley (Patrick Barr) at his squash club. He is refused access until Annabelle (Rosemary Nicols) arrives with news of ‘Operation Groundsheet’.
(Identified by Geoff Dodd, August 2017)


th July - Aaron Gray -"I am currently watching the dvd set and during episode 5 'The Lost Hours' there were a few scenes on the railway bridge outside the Horlicks factory in Stoke Poges Lane, Slough. The bridge in the episode was replaced a couple of years ago."
THE HUMAN JUNGLE: The Lost Hours (Sidney A. Hayers: 1963)
H77: Horlicks factory in Stoke Poges Lane, Slough:


28th June - Geoff Dodd   -

DEPARTMENT S: The Shift That Never Was (John Gilling: Autumn 1968)
Lysia Street, SW6: Annabelle is taken by Frank, Johnny and Sam as they shift the tanker from the Warehouse.


July 22
nd - Pierre Alfonsi  

DANGER MAN: I Can Only Offer You Sherry (George Pollock: 1965)

Tripoli, Libya,Near the Martyrs Square, Omar Almukhtar Road -

st May -  Philip Kenny, familiar with this location used in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, has identified the Metéora in Greece in the JASON KING episode Wann Buy a Television Series.

: Wann Buy a Television Series
The Metéora, Kalabaka, Greece


26th April -  A nice lfind featuring a classic location. Alan Hayes and Al Samujh have tracked down another filming location from the recently descovered THE AVENGERS episode Tunnel of Fear.
THE AVENGERS: Tunnel of Fear
Thames Road, leading to Strand on the Green, London W4 
Harry Black and Keel race through the darkened streets of Southend towards a marina, where they board a boat.
(Spotted by Alan Hayes and Al Samujh, April 2017)


Comparison shots from MAN IN A SUITCASE: Who's Mad Now

April 29th - Some very nice pin-point Maltese locations from Pierre Alfonsi today. Thanks once again to Pierre for his dedication in tracking these down.

THE PROTECTORS: Ceremony for the Dead
Junction near the blue wall and grotto viewpoint, Triq Wied iz-Zurried, Malta: With the real kidnappers aboard the ambulance races down the hill to the harbour.
Identified by Pierre Alfonsi, April 29th 2017

THE PROTECTORS: It was all Over in Leipzig (Don Chaffey: Summer 1971)
Kalkara and Bighi Hospital as seen from the Grand Harbour, Valetta, Malta -  Jim Palmer (Ron Randall) arrives in the harbour and makes his way towards The Dolphin, The Contessa’s yacht
Identified by Pierre Alfonsi, April 2017


THE PROTECTORS: A Matter of Life and Death
Kalkara and Bighi Hospital as seen from the Grand Harbour, Valetta, Malta -  seen at the end of the episode.
Identified by Pierre Alfonsi, April 2017

25th April - An astounding from Geoff Dodd who spotted a clue in THE PROTECTORS: Trial and used it to find a location we've been lookinfg for since the very first days of The Guide. Unfortunately most of the recognisable structures have been redeveloped in last few years - I think the tree has survived. I think I can speak for everyone involved with the site when I say, well done Geoff!

THE AVENGERS: A Surfeit of H2O (Sidney Hayers: )
N29: Kendal's Hall, Radlett Prep School, Watling Street, Radlett (redevelloped)
Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Mrs. Peel (Diana Rigg) arrive outside the home of Jonah Barnard in a Mini Moke. Here Steed tells Mrs Peel about the mysterious weather conditions. Later Steed returns to Jonah’s house expecting to meet Mrs Peel. At the end of the adventure Steed bids farewell to Jonah and Mrs Peel drives off with Steed in the Moke.
Identified by Geoff Dodd, 25th April 2017


Mrs Peel is sent by Steed to visit Eli Barker at his home.


3rd February - An excellent suprise today from Andrew Pearce who has identified a long sought after location from 'The Baron.'

THE BARON: The Seven Eyes of Night (Robert Asher: April 1966)

C28: Forte Post House Hotel, Hemel Hempstead (site redeveloped as a Holiday Inn) - John Mannering is in France to buy "The Seven Eyes of Night". As he arrives in his Jensen at this motel and is watched by Jeff Walker and Vevel who later attempt to steal the jewels from Mannering.

Follow this link for a confirmation of these lamp posts.  

5th February - Some more sterling work from Paul Stroud has manged to track down some STRANGE REPORT locations in Belgrade.

STRANGE REPORT: 7931 Sniper: 'When is your cousin not?' (Daniel Petrie: September/October 1968)
Brankov Most, Belgrade – Establishing shot of the city of Lublin.


Western end of Ulica Terazije, Belgrade – A Lublin street.


Ulica Terazije at the junction with Trg Nikole Pasica, Belgrade – More shots of delightful Lublin.


Metropol Palace Hotel, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra, Belgrade
Marisha drops Strange and Hamlyn Gynt off at their hotel.



12th December - Thanks go to Ivon Jennery for identifying a couple of railway shots from THE SENTIMENTAL AGENT .

THE SENTIMENTAL AGENT: Express Delivery (Charles Frend)
Royal Windsor Station, Windsor, Berkshire


Waterloo Station, SE1  - taken from the Shell Building

th December - Two very nice finds from Frank van den Berg for the THE ADVENTURER episode Target.

De Omval : The canal is taken is De Omval and the view is looking towards De Amstel. In the background can be seen a big modern building that the locals called: Apenrots (which is still there!) and that building is located on Amsteldijk. Unfortunatly the location where the foto has been taken has been completly renovated and the canal as seen, where the boat is, doesn't exist anymore.  

Rokin, Amsterdam: The houses on the background are number 50,52,54 etc..etc...

th November - A couple of intersting finds from the recently descovered print of Tunnel of Fear by Alan Hayes.

THE AVENGERS: Tunnel of Fear (Guy Verney, August 1961)
Markham Square, SW3 - Steed (Patrick Macnee) exits Keel’s surgery with Puppy (Juno) and Harry Black. Puppy is spooked by some children playing and Steed instinctively goes after the back. Harry takes advantage of the situation and commandeers Steed’s Rolls Royce, driving off into the distance (towards King’s Road).

THE AVENGERS: Tunnel of Fear (Guy Verney, August 1961)
Southend Pier and Kursaal, Southend-on-Sea - Establishing shots of holiday makers enjoying the beach, rides and other amusements at Southend-on-Sea (stock footage).

31st July - We've been waiting for this GIDEON’S WAY location for a very long time and at last Andrew Chilcott has found it.

"The warehouse from which the van is emerging belonged to Charles Kinloch & Co in Back Church Street, London E1. We see the van has turned right and is driving southwards along Back Church Street. It is about to pass the junction with Ellen Street to its left and Hooper Street to its right.  There has been redevelopment but the warehouses are still there today."

GIDEON’S WAY: The White Rat (Roy Baker, August 1964)
Back Church Street, London E1 – The West End Fur Co. – Mickey Keston (Ray McAnally) is robbing the factory with the help of Yob (David Gregory), After knocking out the watchman they make their escape in a van.
(Identified by Andrew Chilcott, July 2016.



22nd July - Some more great international finds from Paul Stroud. This time Venice in JASON KING: The Stones of Venice.

Ponte Maria Callas, Venice, Italy -  The path leading over the bridge is the Fondamenta de la Fenice


Rio de l' Albero, Venice, Italy


Canal Grande from Riva del Vin, Venice, Italy


14th July - Another THE ADVENTURER  location from Andrew Chilcott.

THE ADVENTURER: Skeleton in the Cupboard
Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium, Holders Hill Rd, London NW: The funeral of Professor John Ballard. Karen Ballard (Sylvia Simms) is supported by Sir Richard McKenzie (Richard Vernon), Master of the College, and Gene Bradley (Gene Barry) who was to investigate Ballard’s misappropriation of funds.



th July - Some excellent finds from Andrew Chilcott. All these locations have been very difficult to track down due to modern development. This is great selection of told-timers finally knocled off.
THE SAINT: The Lawless Lady

Kilburn Park Road, NW6 - Looking north-eastwards along Kilburn Park Road from its junction with Cambridge Road.

GIDEON’S WAY: The Thin Red Line.

Leidsekade, Amsterdam -  The original view must therefore have been shot from the Nassaukade across the canal, somewhere at the level of the junction of that street with Derde Helmersstraat. 


GIDEON’S WAY: The Thin Red Line

Leidseplein, Amsterdam -  The building with the sensitively-designed advert atop the roof for Nescafe is on the corner of Leidsestraat and Korte Leidsedwarsstraat. 'Flowershop Ivy' (whose VW van is in the original image), is still in business today, just down the road.


27th May - Antother JASON KING: Every Picture Tells a Story find from Paul Stroud

JASON KING: Every Picture Tells a Story
Ma Tau Chung Road, Kowloon - Towards the roundabout. The oriental building is still there and marked as Holy Trinity Cathedral. Even the football ground and basketball courts are still there. The close-up is on the Red Apple Reesturant on Boundary Street.



th May - Antother set of JASON KING finds from Paul Stroud

JASON KING: Every Picture Tells a Story


Hong Kong Harbour, across Causeway Bay

At two o'clock on this picture some of the buildings match, particularly the ones up the hill which are still there.


On the right of your picture you can see two long and short buildings end-to-end. The cathedral appears from behind on the far right. To the left of all this is Government House surrounded by greenery.

I'm not sure how you'd describe this. Panning west from Central?


Also SHIRLEY'S WORLD: Figuratively Speaking

Hong Kong & Kowloon Wharf & Godown Company in big letters is along Gateway Blvd

Admittedly tiny, but you can make out the central building here on the left.

They came thick and fast in this episode. I’ve got one of Aberdeen Harbour at 35:00 showing the same pier as seen in Follow That Rickshaw, Shum Wan Pier.

th May - More JASON KING finds courtesy of Paul Stroud

JASON KING: All that Glisters… Part Two

North on the 405 (San Diego Freeway), Los Angeles - We’re just further up the 405 from last time, still heading north.


Piazza Barberini, Rome -


th May - Paul Stroud

JASON KING: All that Glisters… Part One

Avenue Foch - De Brion getting out of his taxi and into Luca's car is the opposite side of the Arc in Avenue Foch.

North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills -


11th May - Paul Stroud

JASON KING: All that Glisters… Part One

405 (San Diego Fwy) - We're heading north o. This first sign gives the instruction for Santa Monica, while 0.8 miles further up is a sign giving us the slip road to the Imperial Highway. The actual location is likely to be the second one.

El Camino Real (Route 101) - Travelling south-east on El Camino Real (Route 101) this sign is the same with Union Ave replacing Belmont Ave. One forks off the other so this is likely to be the same place. The bridge is Rosemont Avenue.

Wilshere Blvd cutting through MacArthur Park , LA -


Harbor Freeway from where it meets N 3rd Street - The lone building now has company but you can just see it peeping out to the right.


6215 Sunset Boulevard -


Sunset Boulevard corner seen from Argyle Avenue -


Hotel Lancaster in Rue de Berri - He's aiming his shot at the Chinese Embassy, Rue Washington. Here's another 3D model.


Notre Dame Cathedral - same shot in Toki

Av des Champs Elysées -  approaching the Arc on the way to the Napoléon Hotel.


La Belle Férronnière is in Part Two, but it is prominent in Part One from 36:30

6th May - Paul Stroud  

JASON KING: To Russia with Panache

Bolshaya Sadovaya Ulitsa at the junction with Tverskaya Yamskaya Ulitsa -


5th May - Paul Stroud

JASON KING: To Russia with Panache

Red Gate Administrative Building on Sadovaya-Spasskaya Ulitsa, Moscow, Russia -


Leninsky Prospekt - The apartment blocks are to the south-west of Moscow along Leninsky Prospekt. I think we're looking north-east from the corner with Lomonosovsky Prospekt.


29th April - Paul Stroud  

JASON KING: Uneasy Lies the Head

Eyüp Sultan Mosque (a long way from the sharp end of Istanbul at 41.047947, 28.933786)

27th April - Paul Stroud  

JASON KING: Uneasy Lies the Head

Unknown 4 - Boulevard Saint Germain passing Rue Danton


26th April - Paul Stroud    


Cathedral de Notre Dame, Paris, France -

La Place Blanche on the Boulevard de Clichy -


th April - Hard in the heels of his previous find, another one from JASON KING: The Constance Missal, by Paul Stroud. A tricky one because a new line and platforms have been built on the road where Jason is walking. Thankfully the structures of the old platfrom remain.

Montreux Station -


14th April - I know how hard this must have been to find because I've searched the banks of he lake round Montreux Station for many hours looking for this as well. Thankfully Paul Stroud has keener eyes or more patiance than I. From JASON KING: The Constance Missal,Lord Barnes’ place (which is now an estate agent’s)

Chemin du Port-de-Bellerive 38, 1245 Collonge-Bellerive, Switzerland -



8th April - More interesting finds from Paul Stroud - "A few from JASON KING: Uneasy Lies the Head, plus a bonus:"

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul


Market at Eminonu , Istanbul

Hotel Normandy, Rue de l'Echelle, Paris


THE PERSUADERS!: The Man in the Middle (Leslie Norman: 1971)
Hotel Normandy, Rue de l'Echelle, Paris - Back at their hotel in Rome Brett, Danny and Archie celebrate the caprure of Price

28th March  - From Geoff Dodd an obsucre, and difficult to identify location from MAN IN A SUITCASE: Essay In Evil. He confirmed his identification with shots from THE NEW AVENGERS and STRANGE REPORT.

MAN IN A SUITCASE: Essay In Evil (Freddie Francis: June 1967)
H21, Iver Grove - Lucinda Masters is thrown out of the house by Crick.



18th March - More intrenational finds from Paul Stroud.

JASON KING: A Page before Dying
Breitscheidplatz, Berlin

UFO: Confetti Check A-O.K. (David Lane: November 1969)
Queen’s Building, London Heathrow Airport (now demolished) - Ed Straker and Mary are about to leave on their honeymoon.

London Heathrow Airport - As a plane takes off Mary Straker leaves the terminal without her husband

JF Kennedy Airport - Ed Straker flies to New York to plead his case for the funding of S.H.A.D.O.

United Nations, New York - Ed Straker pleads his case for the funding of S.H.A.D.O.

N7, Oaklands College, Elstree Way, Borehamwood featured in this episode has been demolished. Last seen October 2009.

10th March  -
Our regular man of thee world, Paul Stroud, has been on his travells agian to the wold of Jason King and has come back with scoops from Buenos Aires and Venice.

JASON KING: A Kiss for a Beautiful Killer

Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires


Plazoletta 11 de Junio de 1580, Buenos Aires

Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires


JASON KING: As Easy as A.B.C.

Rio del Vin in background Hotel Danielli on the left

Canal Grande - Nearest building is Galleria Giorgio Franchetti, Calle de la Ca' d'Oro

Calle Scaletta bridge Rio di San Lio

23rd February -
I can't express how impressed I am with Phil Brown's detective work in tracking down this location.

DEPARTMENT S: The Pied Piper Of Hambledown  - Tilbury Docks, Tilbury, Essex

Phil Brown: "If you study these images, you may detect that these are in fact two different vessels - note the superstructure around the stern of each.


"This is the P&O cargo liner; MV Strathbrora newly built in 1967, one of three sister vessels known as the "Super Straths”. It was basically a cargo vessel which could accommodate a small number of fare paying passengers - usually on a one way ticket.


"Although this vessel appears to belong to the same shipping line, it is not. This is the MV Arlanza one of the last vessels operated by the Royal Mail Lines. It too was a cargo liner as described above. Both Strathbrora and Arlanza operated from Tilbury Docks in London, so this is almost certainly the location you are seeking and where the film unit captured this footage."

28th January
- Paul Stroud  

JASON KING: Flamingoes only Fly on Tuesdays

Hotel Nixe Palace, Avenida Joan Miró, Palma de Mallorca -


27th January - Paul Stroud  

JASON KING: Flamingoes only Fly on Tuesdays

Calle del Cristo, San Juan, Puerto Rico -

A.H.Riise Mall, St Thomas, US Virgin Isles -

King Street, Kingston, Jamaica (opposite the Bank of Nova Scotia) -


JASON KING: A Deadly Line in Digits 

New Scotland Yard, Broadway -

Royal Garden Hotel, Ken High Street -

22nd January - Paul Stroud  

 THE PROTECTORS: The Numbers Game

Carrer de Rosa Puig, Begur - Susan Crediton takes the arranged call at a public telephone kiosk.


 Parador de Aiguablava, Platja D'aiguablava, 17255 Begur, Spain - Harry and Caroline arrive at the hotel where Dr Savage spent his holiday.


13th January - Paul Stroud
is still in a Hong Kong frame of mind.

DANGER MAN: Sabotage (Peter Graham Scott: )

Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong - Paramount Theatre on corner with Shantung Street with  Sun Ya Hotel opposite, later features..


Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong - This time facing south. Circular sign beneath reversed Sun Ya can clearly be seen.


th January - Paul Stroud kicks off the new year with another set of 'how does he do it' Hong Kong locations from SHIRLEY'S WORLD.

SHIRLEY'S WORLD: Follow that Rickshaw

Hankow Road into Salisbury Road, around the Peninsula Hotel


Thomson Road, Hong Kong - Bernie's flat


Ferry Point, Ferry Street, Hong Kong - the harbour has been reclamied.


SHIRLEY'S WORLD: Evidence in Camera

Aberdeen Harbour from Aberdeen Island -


Kowloon Station, Hong Kong, China -


Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong -


The former Marine Police Headquaters, 2A Canton Road - redeveloped


Salisbury Road, Hong Kong - Where they are standing is now the entrance to the underground car park at the Peninsula Hotel.


SHIRLEY'S WORLD: Figuratively Speaking

 Humphrey’s Court, 6-6A Humphrey Avenue, Hong Kong -  now Tonino Lambourghini.


Junction of Lockhart Street and Luard Road, Hong Kong -



34-38 Lockhart Street, Homg Kong -


Fenwick Street, Hong Kong


The Suzie Wong Bar and Night Club 101 - 105 Hennessy Road, Hong Kong -


The Cave, Luard Road -



17th December - More  SHIRLEY'S WORLDFollow That Rickshaw  locations found by Paul Stroud.

Kingston Street, Hong Kong



th December - More Hong Kong finds from Paul Stroud.

SHIRLEY'S WORLDFollow That Rickshaw

Magazine Gap Road, Hong Kong 


Magazine Gap Road, Hong Kong 


Magazine Gap Road, Hong Kong 


The departure for the Sea Palace floating restaurant is at Shum Wan Pier Drive


Shek Kip Mei estate, Kowloon - (22º 20' 3.34" N, 114º 10' 7.72" E) the whole area has been redeveloped.


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