31st December 2006 – Link added to Elstree Calling, a website dedicated to the past, present and future of Elstree Film & Television Studios

18th December  – Geoff Dodd has sent in some excellent photos of Q2 and G24. Thanks also to Geoff fro identifying the location at Q2 as the factory from DEPARTMENT S: The Shift that Never Was.

1st December  – Yes I am still alive and I have started spring cleaning the site. A few poor photos have been replaced and some of the spotted locations are being moved into the guide where they belong. I’ve had a number of locations identified since May and I will endeavour to get the details posted soon.

7th September – Just to prove that I am not the only one spotting locations long-distance, Keith Howard from San Francisco has sent in three spots. Hammersmith Flyover, W6 in the THE CHAMPIONS: The Mission, Gloucester Place in THE PROTECTORS: The Bodyguards, W1 a probable suggestion of Hadley Wood on Location Spotting Page 57 for THE CHAMPIONS: The Fanatics.

25th August – If John Viney had not worked on Maxwell Road, N15, I doubt we would ever have found the location of the road Tara drives down in Steed’s yellow Rolls Royce in Requiem. The side of the road we see in the shot has been completely redeveloped. Glimpses of the other side of the road from the Glassy Glass offices from Super Secret Cypher Snatch, confirm it, but without John’s eagle eye there would have been little chance of making this connection. Given the camera position it is possible that the footage from Requiem was taken as part of the Super Secret Cypher Snatch shoot. Another first – that makes all the locations on Location Spotting page 77 found!

26th July  -Jaz Wiseman has confirmed two THE PERSUADERS! locations from Someone WaitinginWindsor


24th May  – Very many thanks to Andrea Pollett who runs an exceptionally detailed and well illustrated guide to the architecture of the Eternal City, Virtual Roma. Andrea has managed to identify a number of Roman and Italian locations from THE SAINT, THE CHAMPIONS and THE PROTECTORS as well as providing photographic illustrations.

29th April  – Jaz Wiseman has managed to spot one of the rare locations from season three of  DANGERMAN. Thanks to Jaz we now have Walton on Thames spotted in Say it with Flowers.

I’ve been scanning through the stock footage seen in THE SAINT and THE CHAMPIONS and have thrown locations I’ve identified into the Avengerland  Internationalpages or in to LS99 or LS100. I’ve also decided that I’m not going to go beyond 100, I’ll just repopulate the depleted pages.

I’m also trying a push on the French NEW AVENGERS pages, they have been up since 2000 and we have not had one single photo identified. This is despite an interview filmed during the last day of location shooting in the town of Senlis appearing on the French NEW AVENGERS dvd!

26th April – My computer has thrown a tantrum and deleted two-months’ worth of e-mails. As far as I remember all the new spots that I have received recently have been noted somewhere on the site. But please forgive me for not writing back and thanking you for your efforts and kind donations.

4th April ,  – Thanks to Harper Habbersett who took valuable time out from a London vacation to send in photos of Old Street, EC1, as featured in THE BARON episode There's Someone Close Behind You. Which reminds me once again to ask anyone visiting locations featured on this site, but not illustrated, to please send in photographs.

29th of March,  - Jaz Wiseman has sent in a number of locations from THE ADVENTURER episodes To The Lowest Bidder and The Case of the Poisoned Pawn.

15th March,  - Jaz Wiseman sent me a photo, I went on the internet and Mark Buckledee of www.hockliffe.net sent me an e-mail. The result of this is that the village garage visited by Steed and Mrs Peel in THE AVENGERS: The £50,000 Breakfast has at last been identified as The A5 Garage, Watling Street, Hockliffe. This shows that it only takes one small clue collected by a dedicated researcher and all the pieces fall into place. Thanks to Jaz yet another missing locations from THE AVENGERS has been found.

Thanks also to Jaz, there is now a Location Spotting Page 98.

13th March,  – Wyn Roberts has sent in two new streets from STRANGE REPORT. Balcombe Street, NW1, and Robert Street, NW1 (confirming Michael Viner's suggestion) from Skeleton and Robert Street, NW1 again from Cover Girls.

30th January  – With the help of Jaz Wiseman there is now a Location Spotting Page 97.

26th January  – Two more spots from Jaz Wiseman: Swiss Cottage Library and Swimming Baths, Adelaide Road, London, NW8 are seen in DANGER MAN ,- The Mirror's New and the newly restored Greater London House, Hampstead Road, Camden Town, NW1 in DEPARTMENT S, A Ticket to Nowhere.

25th January  – Jaz Wiseman has sent in a number of locations from GIDEON'S WAY: The Firebug: Southwark Bridge, EC4, Golbourne Road, W10, Redbourn, Chalton Street, NW1, Mornington Place, NW1 and Kensal Road, W10.

25th January – Thanks to the notes with the Network GIDEON’S WAY DVDs and the information therein provided by Andrew Pixley, I am able to date the production of all the GIDEON’S WAYepisodes. I should also mention that 99.9% of the production dates in this guide were originally researched by Andrew.

25th January,  – I’m currently updating this page after neglecting it for 6 months. Please be aware that anything listed after July 2005 has probably been recently added or revised.

24th January,  - Peter Astaire suggests that the block of flats seen in RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]:When the Spirit Moves and DEPARTMENT S: Soup of the Day seen in Location Spotting Page 14, is on Carlton Hill, the top part between Marlborough Hill and Loudoun Road, St. John's Wood. NW8.

22nd January  – All THE BARON and DANGER MAN locations moved from Action City to appropriate AVENGERLAND pages.

20th January  – Despite the changing architecture of The City, Perry Ridley has managed to identify Aldersgate Street, EC1 in the opening of the THE SAINT episode The Lawless Lady. Perry Ridley also has a strong suspicion that Unknown 5 from THE SAINT: When Spring is Sprung on Location Spotting Page 33 could well be Old Seacoal Lane in EC4.

16th January  – Thanks go to Peter Astaire who has identifiedEdgware Road, W9 in the sequence where Adam Strange drives home in STRANGE REPORT: Report No.4407.

4th January 2006 -Jaz Wiseman has started the new year by spotting a new location from the THE BARON episode Diplomatic Immunity. This is Kensal Road, W10.


Jaz also spotted Elstree Aerodrome in the DANGER MAN episode, Have a Glass of Wine.

17th December 2005 - Jaz Wiseman has spotted two new locations from the GIDEON’S WAY episode, Subway to Revenge. The first is Ellen Winters bed-sit at Stonegrove House, Edgware and the second is Bedford Row, WC1.

Jaz also suspects that he opening political rally footage in The 'V' Men was filmed inCamden.

5th December, 2005Avengerland resident Chris Wright wrote in with a very interesting letter: “The café see in RETURN OF THE SAINT episode Diplomat's Daughter is what was always called 'Budgie's Cafe' when I was young. It was/is situated next to the A1 at Welham Green. If you take the road from Colney Heath towards Welham Green (passing North Mymms on your right), as you pass over the bridge you should still see the shape of the roof on the left hand side on the Welham Green side of the A1(M).Before the A1 was made into a motorway, this used to be a junction (you can still see the path of the old road that has now become a residential cul-de-sac), and I'm certain that it was called Budgie's Cafe because a series of BUDGIE (with Adam Faith in the lead) was based there. The cafe closed down because it was effectively by-passed by the motorway, but the writing on the roof remained for years until it was converted to a house.”

13th October 2005 – Congratulations to Ian Press for spotting the Cornish village of Mevagissey in THE BARON episode So Dark The Night.

Ian also spotted Heathrow Airport in the STRANGE REPORT episode Sniper.

12th October 2005 – Still more locations from Jaz Wiseman – from the GIDEON’S WAY episode The Housekeeper a number of locations in Edgware and Paddington Station in THE SAINT episode The Man Who Could Not Die.

9th October 2005 – Thanks once again to Jaz Wiseman who has spotted Fitzroy Lodge, Highgate in the DANGER MAN episode. Have A Glass of Wine.

23rd September 2005 - Many thanks to Jan van Leeuwen for identifying the locations of Rotterdam stock footage seen in THE CHAMPIONS: The Invisible Man. Thanks especially for the photographs of how they appear today.

25th August 2005 – Thanks to Brendan Gardiner who has identified building that appears in both DEPARTMENT S: The Ghost of Mary Burnham and THE CHAMPIONS: Nutcracker. This is Number One Great George Street, SW1. Brendan also sent in a link for the building.

He also included a useful location-spotting site to help identify bus routes in London as far back as 1950.

16th August 2005, Marishka von Saatz

You Can Always Find a Fall-Guy 10 - my father worked in Westminster Hospital and is also pretty sure that this is it.  It's all gone now but I'll try some old photos as soon as i can.

timeto2 - Cullens has now shut down completely.  There was a great expansion sometime in the early '80s so "Cullens we have known" may not have been around at all when the programme was filmed.  I can definitely rule out all of Gloucester Road at any time though

ass01/02 - This is one I've already told you about!  I can't remember the names of the buildings at the moment but they are at the top ofExhibition Road, SW7.  In ass02 you can see the line of the road which runs R-L, north to south, away from Hyde Park towardsSouth Kensington.  I'll check the building names for you asap.

die05 - far too wide to beCharlotte Street.  Could well be Tottenham Court Road, though, looking south from quite near the top.  I think that is Heal's by Anthony Quale's head (his daughter was my class teacher, by the way1), and the bit of greenery and building jutting out on the right hand side of the pic seem to fit with that. I'll check.  I think the "narrow building" is a trick of the photo compilation.  There is a similar "darkening to the edge of the adjacent pictures.

Spotting page 70 - I am not fully familiar with St James' Park, although it is the traditional place for suspicious meetings!  This looks a lot like Finsbury Park, though, there is a lake with island, a strange layout to the paths and a public loo in the traditional "cottage" style in about the right position.  I haven't been there for a while, so this is from memory, but I lived nearby for 2 years

Spotting page 86 - The lamps are called "Decorator" and were first used in 1911 at Earl's Court (single row only) on an escalator installed by Otis.  They went on to install 22 in total, before 1915, including the Southgate one and, I think, Turnpike Lane.  I found a pic of the ticket hall at  Turnpike Lane, and this also shows the same lamps.  I remember hearing that one of the stations in that area has the longest stretch of those lamps, and I think it's either Turnpike Lane or Manor House, but it's been a while...

Spotting page 93. BatterseaBridge has rather distinctive lamps, as did the oldLondon bridge (sorry, looks like the Avengers still haven't made it toAmerica!). The embankment with the globe lamps only covers a certain part of the river (will check) so candidates so far seem to be -  Blackfriars, Lambeth, Vauxhall.

Found this rather cool site which is handy for bridge identification inLondon.  The panoramic effect doesn't exactly help, but it's still handy for quickly ruling some out!


Flat on views -

Spotting page 5 - In a recent rerun of THE PROFESSIONALS, they chase under the very same section of motorway.  The tower block is clearly seen, and one can easily see one that could be it when one gets as close as possible to the traveller site.  In THE PROFESSIONALS episode, however, the camera swings round and looks back and the pub inLatimer Road is clearly visible.  It was still a functioning pub then and is now a house, but one can still see the design of the building.  I am now convinced that this scene is under the Westway where it crosses (and destroys)Latimer Road

Spotting page 21 - man in a suitcase, unknown 1 - isn't this a house in Palace Green that we've dealt with on other occasions? Man in a Suitcase - somebody loses, somebody...wins? - I'm pretty sure that these street lights were unique to Oxford Street - at this height at least.  The higgledy piggledy nature of the buildings fits in with what i recall from my childhood and there was a Studio Two cinema which looked somewhat like the entrance shown to the right of the picture

spotting page 26 - re Goods Way etc - I took some photos of this area a couple of years ago before they finally pulled it all to pieces - if I can find them...

Spotting page 32 - I don't know if it is common or unique but Sonning Lock has flights of steps identical to these.  I'm not 100% on the building though as I think the public footpath now runs on the other side so I would be looking at the building from the other side.

Page 42 - ?Belgrave Square- he's right, it is.  I was holding off 'til I could tell you whether it was east side looking south or west side looking north!  I think it's the latter but can't promise.

Spotting page44 - Fulham Palace Road!!!!  aaaaaargh - that one has been nagging at me!   Yes, I'm 99% sure he's right, and he means Bishop's Park on the right.  The bit where the garden centre is has a wall that looks oldish and a gate keeper's cottage that definitely is.  No matter though, there's plenty of park to show the greenery.  Not too sure about the next sequence ("junction withFulham Rd"), but it could well be.

The Saint - The Lawless Lady - looks like Borough High Street tube station to me Spotting page 55 - Return of the Saint - The Arrangement - unknown 2 - Lambeth Bridge (see bridge website above)

16th August 2005 – Excellent work from Geoff Dodd who spotted that the house used in THE SAINT episodes The Chequered Flag and The Scorpion were the same. He followed this up by searching for the house and found at 23 Ingram Avenue NW11. Well done!

16 August 2005 –Thanks must go once more to Jaz Wiseman for finding yet another key location. Jaz has found the home of Commander Gideon's from GIDEON’S WAY on Winnington Road, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, N2.

28th July 2005 - Jaz Wiseman

A plethora of GIDEON’S WAY locations

27th July 2005 – Another major spot from David Noades. David followed his hunches and has found the Swiss-style houses seen in THE SAINT: When Spring is Sprung and The Man Who Was Lucky on Spring Lake off Stanmore Hill.

19th July 2005 – A long-lost location at last identified by David.Noades. The MOD HQ featured in THE AVENGERS: The See-Through Man is in reality the Watford Central Baths which are located behind the Town Hall. “The building is still in existence as is the car park the Russian agent waits in before he follows Steed and Emma.”

16th July 2005 - Jaz Wiseman has been researching some more locations and come up with several for the DANGER MAN episode Don't Nail Him Yet. These are: The Mall, SW1, Duke of Wellington Place, SW1, Saint Martin's Place, WC2, Hanway Street, W1 and Colville

 Place W1

From the GIDEON’S WAY episode The Rhyme and the Reason, he has spotted: Battersea Park, SW11, Wormwood Scrubs, W12, Battersea Power Station, SW8. Well done.

13th July 2005 – You wait four years for a new THE AVENGERS location and then three come along at once, well in the same year. Philip Langton has identified the railway goods yard seen in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station asWembley Yard, just south of Wembley Central Station.

Philip also suggests that other railway footage seen in the episode (probably stock) are also shot along this line, and the station where the train arriving was filmed looks like Watford Junction. The shot of the train emerging from the tunnel is probably Watford Tunnel to the North of Watford Junction station. There is a new Location Spotting page,LS94, with all the locations from the episode.

15th July 2005 - Geoff.Dodd has been to the heart of Belgravia and identified a number of long-term unknowns. Thanks to Geoff we now know that both Eaton Mews North, SW1 features briefly in THE BARON: The Edge of Fear and that Lowndes Place, SW1 features in both THE BARON: The High Terrace and THE SAINT: Double Take.

5th July 2005 – Thanks to Ryan McGuinness we now have photos and a precise identification of the Valetta harbour locations used in the THE PROTECTORS episode It was all Over in Leipzig. These can be seen on the Malta page.

30th June 2005 - Mike Saunders has come up with another Wandsworth location for the THE PROTECTORS episode Blockbuster, the new location is on  York Road. This should help with clearing up the rest of the locations on Location Spotting Page 70.

25th June 2005 – In anticipation of the release of the series on DVD GIDEON’S WAY now has a locations page to itself here. Thanks to Jaz Wiseman, I have been able to add several locations for the episodes To Catch a Tiger and State Visit already.

22nd June – Yet another location from THE AVENGERS has been spotted by Geoff Dodd. We now know the location of the home of Mark Pearson from the episode The Bird Who Knew Too Much. It can be found at Randolph Road, W9.

17th June - Geoff Dodd has identified that ‘Stevenage Police Station’ seen in THE SAINT: The Fellow Traveller is actually in St Albans Road East, Hatfield, D15. He also confirms that the tea shop in The Miracle Tea Party, is Watling Street, Radlett, N28.

15th June - Mike Saunders has been in touch to say that the first unidentified location on Location Spotting Page 44 from the DANGER MAN episode Colony Three may be Fulham Palace Road, SW6/W6. Mike also confirms that the terrace seen in STRANGE REPORT: Report No.4407-HEART is in Wood Lane.

14th June – More locations from STRANGE REPORT: Covergirls, this time from Wyn Roberts. As well as finding the locations Wyn has sent in photos of Belsize.Road, NW6, Willow Road, NW3 and New End Square, NW3.

April 15th Jaz Wiseman continues to impress with his research and has done the near-impossible by identifying the church seen in STRANGE REPORT: Rrevenge as F38. Jaz halso also identified Cricket’s flat in Covergirls as being on Abbey Road, NW8.

30th May – Hot on the trail of STRANGE REPORT locations, Wyn Roberts,has come up with the goods on Lonelyhearts and Covergirls. He has identified and photographed locations in Pembridge Gardens, W2 and Finchley Road, NW8.

20th May – It pays to watch carefully. ‘Harper’ has written in pointing out the train leaving Cookham Station in THE SAINT episode The Talented Husband is actually steaming through King's Langley Station,I6. You can see the station sign as the camera pans follow it. He also confirms that the rest of the filming used the real Cookham Station, E3.

17th May 2005 – Fantastic news! At last another location from THE AVENGERS has been found. This is from the episode Killer. Found by Geoff Dodd, M22 features as the home of the very dead Wilkington.

15th May – Some sense has been made of the redeveloped locations seen in the STRANGE REPORT episode Racist. Wyn Roberts has identified the locations as Fink Street, Upper Marsh, Addington Street all in SE1. Wyn has also provide some excellent photos.

8th May 2005 – Another unexpected sighting of Ayr, this time from Steven Kelly who spotted it posing as Kilburn in the MAN IN A SUITCASE episode Essay in Evil.

7th May 2005 - Jaz Wiseman has spotted Thurloe Place and two significant locations in Acton in the DANGER MAN episode Name, Date and Place. Jaz has also been contributing to the search for STRANGE REPORT locations.

22nd April 2005 – Jaz Wiseman has sent some images from the very first THE AVENGERS episode Hot Snow for identification. The images can be seen at Location Spotting page 93.

11th April 2005 – Wyn Roberts has come up trumps once more and has managed to identify STRANGE REPORT locations from the episode Skeleton in the Gospel Oak,NW5 and Albany St.NW1 areas. He also posted in some excellent photos including the former Atlantic Hotel in Queen’s Gardens, W2. We are still looking for more locations from this episode on pageLocation Spotting Page 86.

10th April 2005 – I have finally posted up all the missing STRANGE REPORT locations they can be seen on Location Spotting Pages,85, 86, 87,88, 89, 90, 91 and 92.

7th April 2005 Philip Langton has managed to identify the village of Porthgerwyn from THE CHAMPIONS episodeThe Body Snatchers. It isn’t Wales, it is Ayr, Scotland.

5th April 2005 – One of the first locations seen in STRANGE REPORT, has been identified by Geoff Dodd. Warwick Avenue, W9 is where the bowler-hatted gent tries to flag down Adam Strange’s taxi in Heart.

29th March – Sam Denham has just realised that Uxbridge Job Centre, H45 is the Employment Exchange seen in the STRANGE REPORT episode Swindle.

26th March 2005 – New unidentified locations from THE SAINT: The Scorpion have been posted up on Location Spotting Page 35and already we are part-way through identifying the images courtesy of Wyn Roberts.

14th February 2005 – A few new more unknown locations from THE CHAMPIONS at Location Spotting Page 40.

22nd January 2005 - A Rome location onLocation Spotting page 19 has been identified by Frank Meyrink. The tomb of Cecilia Metella on the Via Appia appears in THE PROTECTORS: A Case for Right.

22nd January 2005 – Jaz Wiseman has sent in a bumper crop of THE ADVENTURER locations, far too many to list here individually. Jaz had already contributed a number of THE ADVENTURER locations so I have created a new THE ADVENTURER locations index page so you can see just how much work he has done.


4th December 2004 – A major location found by Geoff Dodd. The crossroads seen at the beginning of The Danger Makers has at last been identified! This is the first THE AVENGERS location identified this year. The location is near Vauda Villa, and calling it G24 does not really do this find justice.

Geoff has also discovered that Belgrave Road, SW1 can be seen in RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: Money To Burn as Jeff is parked up watching the money being unloaded. He has also identified the The Bellman-Parsons factory seen in DEPARTMENT S: The Shift that Never Was as a building on Sterling Way.  Geoff was also able to confirm that THE SAINT: Queens Ransom uses the B4506 travelling from Ashridge towards Ringshall – other shots in the same area still need to be found. See Location Spotting 38.

24th November – Following Jaz’s clues, and using local knowledge Wyn Roberts has finally tracked down the bridge used in the RETURN OF THE SAINT title sequence, see C20.

17th November – Thanks to Jaz Wiseman of The Morning After major clues to RETURN OF THE SAINT locations on see Location Spotting 37.

8th NovemberLocation Spotting Page 84 added with all unknown locations from THE PRISONER.

As well as providing a bumper package of new photos, Wyn Roberts has identified a road in THE CHAMPIONS: The Nutcracker as Lower Merton Rise and the climax of the car chase at the end of THE PROTECTORS: Petard as Moorfields.

Mike Saunders has e-mailed in to identify scenes from THE PROTECTORS: Blockbuster as taking place in Wandsworth. He is also 90% certain that some of DEPARTMENT S: Blackout was shot at Purbeck in Dorset, see Location Spotting 10.

Geoff Dodd – Has identified Cardinal Place, Palace Street, SW1 as the location of the hotel in: THE PROTECTORS:…With a Little Help from My Friends.

19th October – It is good to hear again from two previous contributors to the site. Pat Walsh has mailed in two new THE PROTECTORS locations from Borehamwood: N45 andN46 can be see in King Con and Thinkback. Also Geoff Dodd has spotted Albert Street housing the headquarters of the British Nazi Party in The Saint Plays with Fire.

Confirmation from Wyn Roberts that the “Old Crompton Street” in THE PROTECTORS:  Zeke’s Blues is Old Crompton Street.

I’ve finished looking through THE PROTECTORS episodes. All the British unknowns are in the Location Spotting pages. I will post up the remaining ‘knowns’ soon. The only outstanding project from this series is to list the known and unknown non-British locations from Season Two.

17th October – Even more THE PROTECTORS locations from Wyn Roberts. A location fomTrial at G23. From The Insider, a confirmation that Whetstone High Road was used as a double for Borehamwood. He also confirms that Netherall Gardens was used as the spiritualist community in Burning Bush. On top of that he has also supplied the site with a number of excellent photos.

29th September Wyn Roberts is on a roll. From THE PROTECTORS:With a Little Help from My Friends, Aldford Street, and Mount Street, THE PROTECTORS:Vocal, Park Lane, Beauchamp Place and THE SAINT: Portrait of Brenda, Bryanston Street.

Also from Jaz Wiseman of The Morning After has been in touch to let me know that he has published details of two new THE PERSUADERS! locations in the magazine. From A Home of One's Own, Danny’s “little piece of England”, which has sadly been demolished and from Take Seven, Bell Yard, where Danny met Judge Fulton at the barbers. I’ve also added some extra acknowledgments to some locations previously identified and published by Jaz and Mike Wilson.

6th September – Even more locations and photos from Wyn Roberts: Confirmation by Wyn of a location identified by Perry Ridley, April 2004 - Kings Road is seen in MAN IN A SUITCASE: The Jigsaw Man and The Woman Who Never Was. Oxford Street features in DEPARTMENT S: Soup of the Day. Devonshire Street, is seen in DEPARTMENT S: The Duplicated Man. Wyn confirms Tony Mann’s suspicion that Abbey Road can be spotted in DEPARTMENT S: The Man from 'X'. Confirmation that Keith Howard was right in thinking that Knightsbridge is seen briefly in DEPARTMENT S: Death on Reflection.

September – This month I will be working my way through THE PROTECTORS, I’ll be posting up the new locations I spot as a find them and adding more unknowns to the “Spotting” pages. With STRANGE REPORT now on DVD, I hope to get some E-mail about the locations from this series soon.

August – This has been a busy month for location spotting. In fact, so many people have contributed that it has been hard to keep up with the information coming in. So here, in no particular order is the roll of honour:

Sam Denham has at last discovered the Hotel Don Juan used in THE PERSUADERS!:Nuisance Value. This is in fact the The De Vere Bellhouse Hotel, Beaconsfield.

Wyn Roberts has outdone himself by contributing a number of photos as well as spotting from: DEPARTMENT S: Spencer Bodily is Sixty Years Old, Winnington Road, N2; DEPARTMENT S: A Small War of Nerves, Charlotte Street, W1 andPercy Street, WC1; DEPARTMENT S: The Duplicated Man - Park West Place, W2, and Great Portland Street, W1; DEPARTMENT S: Soup of the Day, York Street, W1; DEPARTMENT S: Last Train to Redbridge, Notting Hill Gate, W11 and Chalcote Crescent NW1; RETURN OF THE SAINT: The Poppy Chain, Talbot Road, W11, DANGER MAN: The Lonely ChairEaton Square, SW1 and Lyall Street, SW1 plus locations in Barnet and Hadley Common from RETURN OF THE SAINT: The Obono Affair.

Marishka von Saatz has managed to identify the first of a series of locations from - DANGER MAN: The Sisters, Queens Gate SW7

Nick Haugh was very quick in identifying the pub used in THE PERSUADERS!A Home Of One's Own - The White Horse in Hedgerley, Berkshire.

Pat Walsh has at last confirmed the opening location from DEPARTMENT S: The Man in the Elegant Room, Market Road, N7

I’ve also moved a number of airport locations from the Location Spotting pages to their rightful places in the guide:

RAF Hendon, seen in THE SAINT: Flight Plan, identified by Martin Henderson, August 2004

Wycombe Air Park, seen in THE NEW AVENGERS: Cat Amongst the Pigeons, identified by Robert Truman, August 2004

RAF Northolt, THE NEW AVENGERS: House Of Cards, identified by Geoffrey Negus, July 2004

Oxford Airport, seen in THE BARON: The Legions of Ammak, Identified by Barry Clay, July 2004

17th July – So I’m reading the blurb about DEPARTMENT S locations in the Umbrella DVD set. All the locations mentioned, but one, have come from this guide as expected. The one exception is Wood Lane underground station, which is supposedly featured in The Last Train to Redbridge as the abandoned Post Office station. “Fantastic”, says I, “someone has actually gone the extra mile and come up with a new location”.

So I goes to Google to find out more about Wood Lane station and I come across a number of sites featuring abandoned and partly-unused London Underground stations, including the fantastic UNDERGROUND HISTORY site run by Hywel Williams. Although Wood Lane was used in DOCTOR WHO and THE TOMORROW PEOPLE, it looks nothing like the tube station featured in DEPARTMENT S. For a start Wood Lane was mostly a surface-level station with no deep tunnels. So I posted up a handful of photographs and sent a letter to Hywel Williams asking for his opinion. He sent back this very informative and interesting reply:

“This is most definitely not Wood Lane, which as you correctly state was a cut and cover station (i.e. not a deep station) and wouldn't look anything like the station in the pictures.”

Of the working stations seen in the episode: “Definitely taken in Aldwych on the platform that would have been in daily use then. Notice the unfinished platform and undecorated wall in the background - this is a feature of Aldwych where the platforms were built too long for some reason and were partially decorated. There was a partition built there, which looks like it's been removed for filming, to stop people from walking down the unfinished section. The two parallel green lines in the decoration are also a major giveaway as I don't know of any other stations with this design.”

Of the shots of the long pedestrian corridor leading to the cell where Jason is held: “Also filmed in Aldwych. The main passageway from the lifts to the platform and the abandoned crossover passage (spot the green lines!) to the second platform. The metal door isn't there any more but could easily have been removed in the meantime, or may have been a prop. This was obviously filmed during a weekend as the "distressed look" would have taken some time to achieve and clean up (remembering again that the station would have been in use at peak times during the week).”

On the booking hall and stairs: “Aldwych, this time in the surface booking hall. The one that threw me was the very last shot as you can see the top of a spiral staircase.This has now been partitioned off with wooden panels and a locked door, presumably since closure in 1994 - but it's most definitely Aldwych. It looks like they placed a wooden partition to cover the metal gate”

“So, your location, without a doubt, is Aldwych for the entire set of images!”

10th July – From Steven Kelly - Although RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED]: A Sentimental Journey is correctly identified as Glasgow, the establishing shot is specifically of Glasgow Central Station, taken from he Gordon Street entrance.

29th June - Ros Connors and Yvonne Williams went HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR location spotting using this guide and came across An unexpected find:

“This is from Hammer House of Horror filmed episode Charlie Boy filmed in 1979. Graham Elder proceeds with haste to recover his stolen antique African wood carving. He pulls up outside the house and confronts an art dealer forcing his way inside.

“The building is actually The Gateway School, Great Missenden. We were invited in by the headmaster who is aware that the film was shot there. The hallway where the fight takes place in the story is exactly the same as it was in '79. This location is within sight of the estate agent office featured in another Hammer House of Horror episode Rude Awakening.”

5th February 2004 – Happy New year! Nick Haugh has sent a strong suggestion, see page 22


2nd November – Thanks to Ian Pearse for identifying the church seen in THE SAINT: The Time to Die as the older 'red brick' church ruins of St Johns (Great) Stanmore, now know as Q16. Ian sang in the choir there for a couple of years so he knows it well, he even sent in a link so you can see the church as it is today: http://www.stjohnsstanmore.org.uk/

15th October - Thanks to Patrick Walsh, we now know the location of Peters’ flat in THE AVENGERS: Super Secret Cypher Snatch. Bad news, the location that was at Q2 was demolished a number of years ago.

15th September - Sam Denham has been in touch with a bumper crop of locations well and truly found. He has confirmed an early suspicion of a gate way from THE SECRET SERVICE: The Cure at F2. He has been to confirm and photograph the office block suggested by Kim Hawkins as that featured in THE AVENGERS: You have Just Been Murdered and Hommicide and Old Lace at N19. But hail, hail and thrice hail, for discovering the location of Lord Brett Sinclair’s family home of Greensleeves from THE PERSUADERS!:Greensleeves. Let it be shouted from the rooftops that Shoppenhanger Manor has been added to the annals.

10th September – Thanks for Tony Mann has been in touch with locations from MAN IN A SUITCASE: Man from the Dead - Circus Road and St Edmunds Terrace, and THE PROFESSIONALS: No Stone - Church Street, Boundary Road, and St. John's Wood Road all inNW8.

1st September – Nick Willams has started the month well by spotting Maidenhead Railway Station masquerading as Cramford Station in THE SECRET SERVICE episode Last Train to Buffler's Halt.

23rd July - M. Briscoe has identified the stock footage of a Scottish town seen in THE SAINT: The Convenient Monster andTHE BARON: The Man Outside as Inveraray.

6th July – The sun must be bringing the location spotters out of hibernation! Sam Denham has identified H24 (Uxbridge Road near A4 junction) as the petrol station passed by Simon Templar in The World Beater.

5th July – David Auger had identifiedNewark Priory as the ruined church featured in THE NEW AVENGERS: To Catch a Rat, a location waiting to be identified since this site started. Well done!

2nd July – Sam Denham has identified N44 as the street from which Steed flags down a bus in False Witness.

20th May – Many thanks to Mandi Ebbrell has identified and photographed The Duke of York, Ganwick Corner as the pub featured in DEPARTMENT S: The Shift That Never Was.

18th April –.Gareth Hughes has identified Kersey, Suffolk as one of the villages featured in THE CHAMPIONS: The Final Countdown. He has also found the tower used in THE NEW AVENGERS: Dead Men are Dangerous this is Faringdon Folly Tower, which is open to the public on certain dates. If anyone goes for a day trip in can they please send in a current photo for the site.

Talking of photos, thanks once again to Ivor Williams for providing a fantastic photo of C17.

16th April Ivor Williams has identified Oaklands College, Smallford Campus, St. Albans as the house of Sir Horace Winslip as featured in THE AVENGERS: The Gravediggers. This location has been on the files for over 10 years – well done Ivor!

17th March - Thanks to Keith Howard who has identified some moreAction City, DEPARTMENT S locations.

11th March 2003 - Thanks to Wyn Roberts who has identified some more DEPARTMENT S locations.


31st December 2002 - Many thanks to John Mann who has identified the stock footage of an English village from THE CHAMPIONS: The Survivors as Chilham, Kent.

29th December – Jon Scott has identifiedC16 as the railway station seen in THE BARON: Countdown. Just as important he, has also confirmed that DANGER MAN: The Gallows Tree featured Dunstable Downs and that Luton Airport was used during THE AVENGERS: The Superlative Seven.

21st December – Many thanks to Carlos Pagés of the beautiful Los Vengadores site for re-vamping the Location Spotting pages. This should be the start of a total re-vamp of all the Avengerland pages.

Also thanks to Jonathan Webb for: confirming the runway from THE PRISONER title sequence is the Lotus test track at Hethel; identifying the mortar range used for THE NEW AVENGERS: Dirtier by the Dozen as Longmoor Range near Longmoor Camp in Hampshire; correcting the entry for THE AVENGERS: The Town of No Return from Holkom Gap to Gun Hill, which is 4 km to the west; identifying the weir that connects East Molesey Lock with Ash Island as the location featured in THE CHAMPIONS episode A Case of Lemmings.

20th October – Stephen Carter has sent in a load of new locations which he has identified.

14th August – More important locations found by Wyn Roberts. G18 from THE AVENGERS: Who Was That Man I Saw You With?,Hamilton Terrace from RETURN OF THE SAINT: One Black September and G17 from RETURN OF THE SAINT: The Poppy Chain.

10th August - Jaz Wiseman of The Morning After has found General Randolph Sinclair Strathers’ country home from the THE PERSUADERS!: A Death in the Family at F33.

30th July – Due to the magic of DVD Location Spotting Page 59has been added.

Also new locationG16 has been added thanks to Wyn Roberts identifying it from the RETURN OF THE SAINT episode The Nightmare Man.

13th July – Astounding news! Dave Prudence and John Stewart have found the RAF station used in THE AVENGERS: The Town of No Return. Dave and John have identified the base at Little Bazeley as The National Construction College, formerlyRAF Bircham Newton. Identification of the location has been tricky as different prints of the episode are missing some of the location footage, namely the existing buildings. It is almost ten years since the Avengerland team identified the other Norfolk locations from this episode and it is good to know that others are still people willing to continue the detective work.

9th June – The bare bones of a guide to studios used in the Avengerland series has been added. The Avengerland Guide To Studios is intended to illustrate the various studio buildings and standing sets that appear on the screen. Contributions to these pages would be gratefully received.

We have had contributions from: Stephen Winterbottom, who has identifiedN43 as appearing in the DANGER MAN episode, The Sanctuary, and Marishka von Saatz who has identified several ACTION CITY locations.

13th May – Another big change has taken place. All the information from A GUIDE TO AVENGERLAND andACTION CITY as well as all theLocation Spotting Pages have found a new home at TheAvengers.TVthanks to the kind offices of David K. Smith. This has had two immediate results: Firstly, most of the links below may no longer work, Secondly, a lot of the cross-links between the old sites will also no longer work. Please bear with me as I try to un-knot the balls of yarn.

Here is a quick run-down of new material on the site: We are now up to Location Spotting Page 54. A number of Welsh locations have been found for the DANGER MAN episode The Professionals. RETURN OF THE SAINT has just finished screening here in New Zealand so I intend to complete all various aspects of Location material for this series before going any further. I have already added a number of non-British locations from the series to the improved AVENGERLAND INTERNATIONAL pages.

I also intend to start a new section on the various studios used. This will not be a listing as such, but an archive of images showing what the various studio buildings and the standing back-lot sets looked like. This should help people distinguish between real-world locations and studio-based action.

25th March - Garry Ng has sent in a couple more THE NEW AVENGERS IN CANADA location details for Location Spotting 4 as well as some photographs of how some of the locations look today.
Stephen Carter has again managed to identify a number of locations in
ACTION CITY as well as providing a number of excellent photographs. Locations are from THE PROFESSIONALS: No Stone, DEPARTMENT S: Handicap Dead, THE BARON: The Killing, and THE SAINT: Escape Route.
With the help of Graham Taylor and the
CI5 siteH44 has been identified as a fairly major location.
There are a number of new
DANGER MAN locations in both guides.
Location Spotting Page 47 and Location Spotting Page 48 contain possible Welsh locations as well as some locations that need confirming.

14th March – Stephen Carter has identified a number of locations in London as well as providing photographs. Location Spotting Page 45 contains all the missing locations for the bizarre Gerry Anderson series THE SECRET SERVICE.

25th February – Sam’s information and a handful of photographs added to both sites. Garry Ng from Toronto has sent in a list of new locations and clarifications for Location Spotting 4, which means that most of THE NEW AVENGERS IN CANADA locations have now been identified. We are now up to Location Spotting Page 43 despite me posting a few new unidentified locations on old pages.

6th February - Sam Mitchell has sent in page after page of new locations from THE SAINT, RETURN OF THE SAINT and DANGER MAN.

28th January 2002 - The past month has been spent tidying the Location Spotting pages all identified locations should now be in the guides.

I'm getting warning from Geocities about too many people trying to access this site. If you really are having problems connecting to this site please let me know.

Major contributions have come in from the following people:

Jon Scott - Identified C14 andC15 from THE CHAMPIONS: Full Circle and THE SAINT: The Queen's Ransom. I have been trying to find C14 for years so I'll be making a special pilgrimage to this location next time I'm back in the UK.

Geoff Dodd - Spotted G15 in THE AVENGERS: The Curious Case of the Countless Clues. He also confirmed the use of Amen Court in THE SAINT: A Double in Diamonds and N4 in THE SAINT: When Spring is Sprung.

Wyn Roberts - Confirmed Barrydene is used in RETURN OF THE SAINTThe Debt Collectors. He also identified New Bond Street in THE SAINT: Invitation To Danger and two episodes of THE BARON and Golders Green Hippodrome in THE SAINT: The Fast Women.

Brian, Toronto - Spotted The Bridle Path, Don Mills used in THE NEW AVENGERS: Complex.

Richard McHale - Identified P6 in THE AVENGERS: Death's Door.


28th December - Colour THE SAINT episodes are being screened daily in New Zealand at the moment, so I'm trying to get a comprehensive list of locations, known and unknown completed. I'm creating new Location Spotting pages as I collect together enough screen-grabs, but the latest Location Spotting page, i.e. the highest numbered, will act as rough notes until I can get screen grabs of the unknowns and paste known locations into the guide.

I tried to produce a complete listing of THE PROFESSIONALS locations a couple of months ago, but the sheer amount of location shooting proved too much to keep up with. I've passed on all the locations I managed to identify to the CI5 site. I'll add these locations to the guides eventually.

Due to bandwidth problems I've move all Location Spotting pages other than Page 1 to the Tripod Site. Please let me know if any images are missing or links fail to work. If there are any more problems with GeoCites I may have to move the bulk of A GUIDE TO AVENGERLAND to Tripod to share space with ACTION CITY.

We are now up to Location Spotting Page 35

7th November - Dave Prudence has confirmed thatH43is the junction that appears twice in the MAN IN A SUITCASE episode Which Way Did He Go McGill?We are now up to Location Spotting Page 33.

24th October - Geoff Dodd has spotted Paul Foster's flat from the UFO episode Exposed on Fellows Road, NW3. The same block also appears as Peter Sinclair's flat in the DEPARTMENT S episode Blackout.

15th October - David Noades has done a lot of high quality location spotting and has produced a comprehensive new guide to locations used in HERE COME THE DOUBLE DECKERS for the Here Come The Double Deckers Home Page. I cannot commend the quality of David's research too highly; he has discovered corners of Borehamwood in places that I didn't even know had corners.
TV One here in New Zealand is currently screening
THE PROFESSIONALS so I'm putting together a list of identifiable locations to add to the site. I have to admit the CI5 website has a good number of locations already identified.
The 50meg.com site I have been storing most of the Location Spotting pages on suddenly decided to become 12meg.com which meant a flit to
Tripod.com (those looking for Action City will be redirected from the 50meg title page).
I'm still wading through
THE BARON and have posted up Location Spotting Pages 29 and 30.
Ray Mortimer sent in a strong lead for missing locations on
Location Spotting page 9 which would suggest that we start looking near Wokingham and Bracknell in Berkshire for THE NEW AVENGERS locations.

22nd August - Well done Matthew George! Matthew has identified Becker's farm from THE AVENGERS: Death's Door, a long sought after location, as "Little Westwood" in Bucks Hill, Kings Langley F32.

17th August - Jaz Wiseman of The Morning After has found Shelley Masterton's country home from the opening sequence of THE PERSUADERS!: To the Death Baby at H42.

6th August - Max Pemberton of About Guide for UK TV Schedules and Reviewshas sent in a considerable amount of data about locations from the DANGER MAN episode That's Two of Us Sorry.
Hans Bolt and Blaine from Albany have filled in a few more gaps in
Location Spotting Page 4.

26th July - We now have 26 Location Spotting pages, please try and cut down the numbers by identifying some of the photographs. Location for THE BARON: The Edge of Fear identified as Kew Bridge pump House, Brentford. Good old Heathrow Airport also pops up in this one.

10th July - Gareth Hughes spotted the following locations: the church in the NEW AVENGERS: Lion and Unicorn is atH4, and the castle featured in THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD: The Dream and The Black Patch is Allington in Kent.

20thJune - News moved to its own page. Trial of new "note book" design for Avengerland site - please let me know what you think of it.Lowestoft, Norfolk identified as location in THE SAINT: The Best Laid Schemes by Bob Lawson of Bob Lawson's Lowestoft Page.

Location Spotting Page 18, Location Spotting Page 19,Location Spotting Page 20, Location Spotting Page 21 and Location Spotting Page 22 all added.

5th May - Amongst my paperwork I found a list of locations from RANDALL AND HOPKIRK [DECEASED] which we were sent by Vanessa Bergman of the Randal and Hopkirk [Deceased] Appreciation Society. These locations have now been added to the site.
As a result of finding the above I went through my backlog of missing
[RANDALL AND HOPKIRK DECEASED] locations and have throw together location spotting pages:Location Spotting Page 14, Location Spotting Page 15 and Location Spotting Page 16.
Whist I was doing that I was able to use the improved search and aerial photograph abilities of
Muti Mapto identify two new locations:L7 and Harrow.

21st April - The church from DANGER MAN: Colony Three identified as St. Andrew's Church, Tottridge.

17th April - We have three new location spotting pages: Location Spotting Page 11 is for locations from THE NEW AVENGERS: K is for Kill Part One and Location Spotting Page 12 is for locations from THE NEW AVENGERS: K is for Kill Part Two. This is a chance for our French friends to contribute to the site. Location Spotting Page 13 is selection of niggling locations that we are still trying to get a handle on.
A location that I've known about for many years, courtesy of Sam Mitchell, is the offices of The Caritol Land and Development from
THE AVENGERS: Look - (Stop me…, the Wembley Point office block. As it fits into that grey area between London and Avengerland I have finally decided to place the entry in the About Britain section.

14th April- Thanks to the sterling work and enthusiasm of Toronto resident Hans Bolt for his home city we are finally filling in the gaps for the NEW AVENGERS IN CANADA episodes. Visit the ever-changing Location Spotting Page 4 for details or drop in on Hans' Home Page for more information about Toronto.
We have also identified the tower used in
THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD - The Goldmaker's Return as. Leith Hill, Dorking.

26th February - David Auger identified the funfair in JASON KING: A Thin Band of Air as Manning's Amusement Park, Felixstowe.

12th February, 2001 - Joan Street has been in touch to let me know about herMidsomer Murdershome page. Amongst other things it features a wealth of locations from the series well illustrated with some very nice photos.


4th November, 2000 - A few bits and pieces:
The establishing shot of "A Village in England" from
THE NEW AVENGERS: K is for Kill turns out to be a stock shot ofTurville.
The very last
INSPECTOR MORSE, Remorseful Day opened with the use of good old H33.
If you want to go hunting for locations without leaving the house there is a new resource for you at Buckinghamshire Towns and Village Photo Album. There is also a Berkshire photo album at this site. Also for armchair location spotters, the UK Streetmap.co.uk has an ever-expanding library of aerial photos to complement their maps of the UK. After covering most of Greater London they are now expanding into Avengerland - Borehamwood has already been covered.

23rd September - We are now up to Location Spotting Page 10so please try to help empty the pages. Also thanks to Paul Mitchell for spotting Corbiere Lighthouse in THE CHAMPIONS: Silent Enemy.

20th August - It had to happen, Location Spotting Page 5 and Location Spotting Page 6 are now up and running.

7th August - Stephen Carter of the Doctor Who Filming Locations guide has spotted a number of Southall locations used in THE NEW AVENGERS episodes; Cat Amongst the Pigeons, The Midas Touch and Sleeper.

4th July - Wyn Roberts has identified the church from THE AVENGERS: Take Me to Your Leader and another location from THE PERSUADERS!:Element Of Risk.

3rd July -Wyn Roberts and Jaz Wiseman, two giants of the location spotting world have joined forces and have provided new CAPITAL AVENGERLAND locations for: THE CHAMPIONS: Nutcracker and MAN IN A SUITCASE: Who's Mad Now?, THE PERSUADERS!: Element Of Risk. Finally, I have been able to confirm that the aerodrome in The Hour That Never Was is Bovingdon (B8). Dave Rogers first identified the location from series documentation but since most of the site was demolished in the Seventies this has been hard to confirm. Confirmation came courtesy of Stephen Welch of UK Airfields who sent me a photo of the control tower and thisflight simulator page.

10th June -Joseph Lloyd sent in a production date for THE PERSUADERS!:The Time and the Place and a couple of corrections. With the help of Andrew Gurudata, Canadian location spotters Emma Duncan, Karenza and Craig.Norris have started the ball rolling with the first locations from Complex.

6th June - It had to happen, Location Spotting 4 is here! This page will feature THE NEW AVENGERS IN CANADA locations, so if you know the Toronto area please pay it a visit.

30th May - Sam Mitchell has spotted that M4 is used in The Hidden Tiger as well as filling in a few missing story details. Wyn Roberts has sent in even more locations for CAPITAL AVENGERLAND as well as expanding the sections on Take-Over and Mission Highly Improbable. Wyn has also contributed a number of photographs of London locations

19th May - Previously "London" locations not within the London postal areas have been moved to ABOUT BRITAIN. The remaining CAPITAL AVENGERLAND locations are now in order of postal region. Yet more gaps filled by Wyn Roberts and new images on Location Spotting 3.

15th May - Both myself and Wyn Roberts have been doing lots of work over the weekend to fill even more gaps in CAPITAL AVENGERLAND. There are some real goodies here so I suggest you take a look now. I have sorted the London locations into postal regions to give the guide more structure. As the rate at which Wyn has been identifying locations, I have already set up Location Spotting 3, a page where the missing locations should be fairly easy to identify. One site that I have started to use on a regular basis to help place, and identify locations is Streetmap.co.uk which will not only find London streets for you, but has a growing number of aerial photographs of your favourite London locations.

6th May - Today irritating location from THE ROTTERS discovered in CAPITAL AVENGERLAND. Some easy missing locations placed inLocation Spotting 2.

23rd April - A whole load more London locations have been spotted by Wyn Roberts, so visit the CAPITAL AVENGERLAND page to see what has been found. Given Wyn's success I have posted even more pictures on the Location Spotting Page to give you all a chance to contribute to the guide.

29th March - A letter from Sam Mitchell has enabled be to add two new locations:N42 and  H41. We also have a couple of entries for THE SAINT: The Fellow Traveller.

14th March - Jaz Wiseman comes up with the goods once more with new locations for THE PERSUADERS! (F31) and THE ADVENTURER (H7,N35 andJ3).

14th February - Jaz Wiseman has provided me with some nice, or should that be Nice, photographs to illustrate the AVENGERLAND INTERNATIONAL page. I have also added some new photos here and there.

1st February - Jaz Wiseman of The Morning After has provided me some new locations: EdinburghandLydd Airport.

23rd January - Over the past week I have spotted Wrotham Park twice in different productions.

9th JanuaryThe Links page has been slightly rearranged and a couple of new links added. Two new locations added; Warkworth Castle and Kenwood House.

3rd January, 2000 - On New Year's Day the site counter passed 1,000 hits. As well as a couple of houses, I have added few church images to theLocation Spotting Page. Jaz Wiseman of The Morning After has provided me with THE PERSUADERS! locations at F30 andH10. Coral Gillespie of the The Man In A Suitcase Website has confirmed Sam Mitchell's spotting of New Lodge, Winkfield as the Glendure Hotel in the MAN IN A SUITCASE episode Essay in Evil. Via the soc.history.medieval newsgroup Doug Hopper identified Alnwick Castle as featuring in THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD episode The Imposters and Chris Dickinson spotted Shirburn Castle in the INSPECTOR MORSE episode Happy Families.


20th December, 1999 - A selection of castle images added to the Location Spotting Page and a couple of Links to non-Avengerland location sites. I've also added some NOTES on MRS BRADLEY MYSTERIES locations.

12th December - As a resource for a guide to London locations currently in preparation I have added a CAPITAL AVENGERLAND page to theLocation Spotting Page. This is a rough listing of the London locations I know about and is for interest only.

27th November - Today I added the AVENGERLAND INTERNATIONAL page which contains a few of the non-UK locations I know about. For the French locations I have to thank Annette Hill and for the Canadian locations, Mike Noon of the NOON: DOOMSDAY site for sending me various articles from Canadian magazines.

16th November - Well done Dave Prudence for spotting that location J2 was used in How to Succeed ...at Murder. This was a very tricky one to find as there were very few clues indeed. Congratulations.
Also congratulations to Jo-Anne Stuart for spotting that the Gothic Tower in
Painshill Parkcan be seen in the THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD episode The Miser.

26th October - New location added for THE PERSUADERS!: A Death in the Family courtesy of Andrew Turford and Stephen McKay.

12th September - New locations for The Fear Merchants and The Well-Meaning Mayor added. Also missing episode details added to some entries. All these are courtesy of Sam Mitchell with some help from Chris Johnson.

Location Spotting Page Added.