Arena for ITC, Pinewood Studios

Adam Strange's house

Warwick Crescent, W2

Title Sequence

Victoria Embankment, SW1
Horse Guards Parade, SW1
Warwick Crescent, W2
Great Russell Street, WC1

Report 4407-HEART:
'No Choice for the Donor'

F12, H2, H11, H13 see Whitstable
Carlton Vale, NW6
Randolph Gardens, NW6
Warwick Crescent, W2
Edgware Road, W2
Warrington Crescent, W9
Wood Lane, W12
Harrow Road, W2

Report 4821-X-RAY:
'Who weeps for the doctor?'

Warwick Crescent, W2
New Scotland Yard, SW1

Report 8944-HAND:
'A matter of witchcraft'

H8, H21, H51

Report 2493-KIDNAP:
'Whose pretty little girl are you?'

H15, H26, see Oakley Court
Coventry Street, W1
Park Lane, W1

Report 2475-REVENGE:
'When a Man Hates?'

F38, H11, H66 see Heathrow Airport
Wandsworth Prison, SW18

Harrow Road, W2
Warwick Crescent, W2
New Scotland Yard, SW1
Smugglers Way, SW18

Report 5055-CULT:
'Murder Shrieks Out'

H31, H44
Cromwell Road, SW7
Great Cumberland Place, W1
Westbourne Terrace Road Bridge, W2
New Scotland Yard, SW1

Report 8319-GRENADE:
'What price change?'

H8, H38, H53

Report 1021-SHRAPNEL:
’The Wish in the Dream’

F45, H61
Warwick Crescent, W2

Report 7931-SNIPER:
'When is your Cousin Not?'

see Aylesbury and Heathrow Airport

Warwick Crescent, W2


Report 3424-EPIDEMIC:
'A Most Curious Crime'

Gloucester Terrace, W2
Saint Stephen’s Gardens, W2
Great Western Road, W11
Tavistock Crescent,W11
The Anchor, Bankside,SE1

Report 4997–SWINDLE:
’Square Root of Evil’

H45 see Newhaven and Twickwnham
Finsbury Circus, EC2
Cannon Street, EC4

Bucklersbury, EC4

Report 3906-COVERGIRLS:
'Last Year's Model'

Robert Street, NW1
Abbey Road, NW8
Finchley Road, NW8

Boundary Road, NW8
Belsize.Road, NW6
Willow Road, NW3
New End Square, NW3
Streatley Place NW3
Park Lane, W1

Report 0649-SKELETON:
'Let Sleeping Heroes Lie'

F40, H50
Great Russell Street, WC1

Westminster Bridge, SW1
Albert Embankment, SE1
Balcombe Street, NW1
Robert Street, NW1
Clarence Way, NW1
Albany Street, NW1
Marylebone Station, NW1

Athlone Street, NW5
Dale Road, NW5
Grafton Road, NW5
Wellesley Road, NW5

Grove End Road, NW8

Stockwell Underground Station, SW9
Holborn Station, WC2
Leicester Square Underground Station, WC2

Report 1553-RACIST:
'A Most Dangerous Proposal'

H19, H51 see Lydd Airport andTwickwnham

Finck Street, SE1
Addington Street, SE1
Upper Marsh, SE1

Report 2641-HOSTAGE:
'If You Won’t learn Die!'


Goodge Street, W1

Tottenham Court Road, W1
Pembridge Road, W11
Notting Hill Gate, W11

’Who Killed Dan Cupid?’

Pembridge Gardens, W2
Notting Hill Gate, W11
Warwick Crescent, W2
Whitehall, SW1

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