Hammer Film Productions Ltd/Twentieth Century Fox Television, MGM Studios

Title sequence

Battersea Park Fun Fair, SW11


The New People

K9, M26, N28


Somewhere In A Crowd

see Barrow-in-Furness and Frensham
Regent’s Park Zoo, NW1

Albert Bridge, Chelsea Embankment, SW3

Bramerton Street, SW3

Cheyne Row, SW3
King’s Road, SW3
Paultons Street, SW3
Upper Cheyne Row, SW3


Matakitas is Coming

South Audley Street, W1


Jane Brown's Body

N28, N48 see Cambridge and Grantchester


Do Me A Favour and Kill Me

M2, M10, N4
Brompton Road, SW1
Oxford Street, W1


Poor Butterfly

J6, N18, N27, N34
A406 North Circular, NW2
Redcliffe Mews, SW10


The Madison Equation

see Walton-on-Thames and  Wembley Point

Highgate Cemetery, N6
Pond Square, N6
Highgate Road, NW5
West Hendon Broadway, NW9


Girl Of My Dreams

Godliman Street, EC4
Ludgate Hill, EC4
Saint Peter’s Hill, EC4
Shoe Lane, EC4
Aldford Street, W1
Chesterfield Hill, W1
Hill Street, W1
Rex Place, W1


The Last Visitor

 see Hastings



Finchley Road, NW3
Great Windmill Street, W1
Greek Street, W1
Leicester Square Underground Station, WC2
Trafalgar Square, WC2
Whitehall, SW1


The Indian Spirit Guide



The Killing Bottle



Stranger In The Family

Chalbert Street, NW8
Regent’s Park, NW1
South Bank Centre, SE1


The Beckoning Fair One

Alwyne Road, N1
Baring Street, N1
Camden Passage, N1
Islington High Street N1
Wilton Square, N1


One On A Desert Island



Paper Dolls

J2, J13, M4, M8


Miss Belle

N6, N24


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