Season One: ABC
ABC, Teddington Studios


Photo Shoot 

Old Compton Street, W1

Hot Snow

Upper Cheyne Row, SW3

Hunt the Man Down

Wood Street, EC2

Girl On A Trapeze

Battersea Bridge, SW10

The Frighteners

Berwick Street, W1
Coventry Street, W1
Shaftesbury Avenue, W1

Tunnel of Fear

see Southend-on-Sea
Markham Square, SW3



Season Two
ABC, Teddington Studios


Mission to Montreal

see Liverpool

Death of a Great Dane

Cannon Street, EC4
Strand, WC2

Sell Out

see Brentford, Heathrow Airport and  The Richmond Hill Hotel
Great Russell Street, WC1
Bedford Way, WC1
Tavistock Square, WC1

Tottenham Court Road, W1
Maple Street, W1
Hammersmith Flyover, W6

Traitor in Zebra

see Teddington Studios and Weston Green, Esher, Surrey


H.M. Prison Holloway, N7

Box of Tricks

Brewer Street, W1
Dean Street, W1

Piccadilly Circus, W1

Wardour Street, W1


Cromwell Road, SW7
Covent Garden, WC2
Floral Street, WC2

The White Dwarf

The University of London Observatory, Mill Hill, NW7
Parliament Square, SW1

Conspiracy of Silence

Chiswick House, W4

Six Hands Across A Table

Albert Embankment, SE1



Season Three
ABC, Teddington Studios


Brief for Murder

see Twickenham
New Square, WC2


The Undertakers

see York House


Don't Look Behind You

see The Royal Oak, Strawberry Hill


The Grandeur That Was Rome

Trafalgar Square, WC2


Build a Better Mousetrap

see Castle Mill




Season Four
ABC, Associated British Studios


The Town of No Return

N17, N21 see Bircham Newton, Gun Hill and Wighton


The Grave-Diggers

C17, G10, M8, N32 see Stapleford Parkand RAF Fylingdales
New Southgate Cemetery, N11


The Cybernauts

N21, N32


Death at Bargain Prices

Lombard Street, EC3

Fleet Street, EC4
Sloane Square, SW1
Marylebone Road, NW1
Oxford Circus, W1
Notting Hill Gate, W11


Castle De'Ath

see Allington Castle and Ruislip Lido


The Master Minds

M15, N33, P3
Parliament Square, SW1


A Surfeit of H2O

N21, N29, N30


The Murder Market

New Southgate Cemetery, N11


The Hour That Never Was

B8, N35


Dial a Deadly Number

Whitehall, SW1
Westminster Bridge, SW1


Man-Eater of Surrey Green

L3, M2, O27


Two's A Crowd

L5, M7, N35
Canary Wharf, E14
Parliament Square, SW1
The Boltons, SW7


Too Many Christmas Trees

M14, M18, N21, N31, N32


Silent Dust

J14, N17, N18, N30, N35, N38, O1, O24, O27


Room Without a View

J3, N21


Small Game for Big Hunters

M20, N35


The Girl From Auntie

L5, N19, N21, O4
Highpoint 2, North Hill, N6
Abingdon Street, SW1

Cromwell Road, SW7


The Thirteenth Hole

O4, Q1


Quick-Quick Slow Death

N4, Q3, Q26


The Danger Makers

G24, L3, L4
Saint Thomas’ Hospital, Lamberth, SE1


A Touch of Brimstone

N21, N26, N28, O1
Oxford Street, W1


What the Butler Saw

J3, M7, N21, N29, see Monksbridge


The House That Jack Built

B1, J3, J4, J5, N21


A Sense of History

N21, N31, M2, M19 see Cambridge and Henshaw's Blind Asylum


How to Succeed ... at Murder

J2, N5, N21, Q2


Honey for the Prince

N21, N35





Season Five
ABC, Associated British Studios
(and *Pinewood Studios)


Steed’s Flat

Dutchess Mews, W1


Venus With Love

J3, J15,N19, N29, O1, O29, Q11


The Fear Merchants*

F42, H8, H39, H40, H76 see Wembley Stadium


Escape in Time*

B18, M20, N26, O1, see Beaulieu


The See-Through Man

C27, J5, L3, L5, L13, M7, N26, O1, see Beaulieu


The Bird Who Knew Too Much

B18, D12, F2, N27, N21, see Beaulieu, Winfrith
Randolph Road, W9


The Winged Avenger

N19, Q11
Sheldon Avenue, N6


The Hidden Tiger

J3, K2, K4, O29
Boydell Court, NW8


The Correct Way to Kill

Woodchurch Road, NW6


Never, Never Say Die

K1, L3, M4, N18, N21, N31, N32, N35



N4, N12, N21 N35, N56, Q5


The Superlative Seven

The Caribbean


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station

L9, L10 see Wembley


Something Nasty in the Nursery

K4, N4, M20, N26, N27, O10, R1
Embassy Lodge, N3


The Joker



Who's Who???

Q27, R5 see Dymchurch





Season Six
ABC, Associated British Studios


Return of the Cybernauts

D1, H10, L5, M19, N21, N32, N35, O3, R11


Death's Door

F16, F32, L5, M2, M6, M11, M23, M19, P6, P13


The 50,000 Breakfast

K10, N5 see Hockliffe
Bryanston Street, W1


Dead Man's Treasure

B5, G32, J3, J4, M2, M15, N18, N26, N27, N32, N33, N34, N52, O1, O2, O3, O13, O24, P4, see Brands Hatch


You Have Just Been Murdered

J3, L5, N35, Q8
Macdonald Road, N19


The Positive Negative Man

I1, I2, I3, L3, N35, O10



B5, B6, F2, J4, N21, N26


Mission ... Highly Improbable

J3, J17, K4


The Forget-Me-Knot

B19, F2, P5
Weymouth Mews, W1




Season Seven
ABC/Thames, Associated British Studios


Title sequence



Tara’s Flat

Chalcot Crescent, NW1


The Forget-Me-Knot

F2, P5



L13, N35, O10, P1
The Bishops Avenue, N2


Super Secret Cypher Snatch

B1, F2, G4, N15, N18, N35, N52, O3, Q2
Boydell Court, NW8


You'll Catch Your Death

F2, M7, N27
Chester Terrace, NW1
Cumberland Terrace, NW1


C6, G1, M4, M5, M8, M11, M23, M25, N32


Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40?

B10, N5
Sutherland Avenue, W9


False Witness

J18, N26, N33, N34, N44, N51, N56, Q23
Imperial Court, NW8

Wilton Crescent, SW1
Wilton Place, SW1

Belgrave Square, SW1


All Done With Mirrors

B1, J3, N20, N29, N35, Q10, see Start Point and Peacehaven


Legacy of Death

M14, N24, N26, N32, N48, N51
Berkley Road, NW1
Belsize park Gardens, NW3


Noon Doomsday

see Park Farm and Stanbridgeford


Look - (Stop me if you've heard this one) But There Were These Two Fellers ...

G6, N21, N35, see Wembley Point


Have Guns - Will Haggle

M15, M20, N32


They Keep Killing Steed

F2, F42, G3, L3, N4, N35, P3


The Interrogators

C6, F42, N35
Cavendish Place, NW8
Hampstead Heath, NW3
Farm Court, NW4
Sutherland Avenue, W9


The Rotters

D2, D4, F1, F2, H72
Bellmoor, NW3

Devonshire Mews South, W1


Invasion of the Earthmen

D3, D5, D7, G5



F2,H28, M15, M22, N21, N32, N35


The Morning After

C3, D9, L6
Albany Street, NW1


The Curious Case of the Countless Clues

D1, G15, G28, N5, Q8


Wish You Were Here

L5, N5, Q8


Love All

L5, N4
Grosvenor Street, W1

Sutherland Avenue, W9
Osnaburgh Street, NW1


Take Me to Your Leader

Blomfield Road, W9

Grantully Road, W9
Maida Vale, W9
Elgin Mews South, W9
Clifton Gardens, W9
Hamilton Terrace, NW8


Stay Tuned

N23, N24, N26, N29
Weymouth Mews, W1

Chalcot Crescent, NW1


Who Was That Man I Saw You With?

B7, O18, O21
Bellmoor, NW3
Hampstead Heath Car Park, East Heath Road, Hampstead, NW3


Homicide and Old Lace

B5, L5, N15
Bryanston Street, W1

Weymouth Mews, W1
Trafalgar Square, WC2
Macdonald Road, N19
The Mall, SW1



B1, F42, J3, N35, O2, O23


My Wildest Dream

N15, R5
Sidmouth Road, NW2
Park Crescent, W1

Weymouth Mews, W1
Mansfield Street, W1
Westbourne Terrace Road Bridge, W2



G1, M2, M4, M12, M13, M23, N15, N32, N33, N48, Q3, R3
Totteridge Village, N20
Heath Brow NW3
Bellmoor, NW3



N29, N33, N35



B7, N58
Princess Mews, Belsize Lane, NW3



G1, L9, N30
Weymouth Mews, W1





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